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A great picture of Gary, at the helm of BFEC.US in 2010. He decorated the walls with all of his US Air Force, Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz, Shuttle, SOSUS, Compatibility Test Van (CTV), Hubble plaques, awards, commendations and a slew of other cool things he collected throughout the years. Rest in peace dad, we miss you.



**** You may need to "refresh" your computer on each of these pages to get the latest updates. See link if you need more instructions.


11/21/2023 Update

Sorry for the delay in getting an update done, I have received a few inquiries on wither or not the site was still active. Site is active, the updater not so much, just been super busy and dont see a break much in the next few months, so the next update may be after the first of the year. Apologies again.

I have received some notices that we have lost some more folks, several I have spoken with/emailed many times and all will be missed.

I saw on Facebook that Ella Sielski (spouse to Hank) passed away on 10/22/2023, I dont have anything further.

Don Zander passed away 9/6/2023 in Satellite Beach, Don has sent many things over the years and I was fortunate to meet him in Cocoa Beach several years ago.

Joe Seivers passed away, I dont have a date or other information at this time.

Larry Elder Hare passed away 9/18/2023 in Gainesville FL.

I received an email from Denise Garrett who is the step daughter to Terry Heybruch, Denise said that he passed away 10/28/2023.

Leon Smith passed away on 8/19/2023, I dont have much information on him.

I also received emails from several folks, if you want to make contact with anyone let me know and Ill pass on their contact information.

Terrie Whitt checked in after seeing the website, Terrie was at Ascension, MILA and then Bermuda.

Hal Fitzgerald who was at Bendix R & D Laboratories in Southfield, Michigan checked in and has a picture of a pill case he obtained years ago, Ill post when I get a copy.

Gene Smith checked in, Gene and my dad Gary exchanged emails years ago and Gene lost touch, but thankfully found the site again and is still hanging tough.

Del Dengate ran across the site, per his email he flew NASA 420/421 and enjoyed his days doing it.

Thanks for all the emails.

If I dont happen to get an update out before the 1st of the year, Happy Holidays to all!!!



9/1/2023 Update

To start off this update Ill let you know that I had (have) some email issues, maybe a virus, but the short version is I was not receiving email for a month or more, I still cant send any email. Please continue to send emails, it just may take a little longer to respond.

I have received multiple emails letting us know that some folks have passed away. As I find the obituaries Ill add them as well.

Stan Citko passed away 2/12/2023, Stan worked in Florida and Texas.

Jim Hendrickson passed away 5/23/2023 in a motor vehicle crash, my understanding that his wife Ilene was also in the crash and survived.

Bob Lenard passed away 4/25/2018, Bob was a long time MILA Comm Tech.

George Williams, better known as Tony passed away in 7/2023, Tony worked in Bermuda, Vietnam, Project Peace Sun and Ascenion Islands.

Bill Juhrend passed away on 11/10/2016, Bill was a computer supervisor at Goldstone.

Jim Shaffer passed away on 7/20/2023, Jim worked at Goldstone/Barstow as well as Quito, Johnson Island, Brindisi & Naples Italy, South Korea, JPL, Pax River and a few others.

Arthur Haislip passed away 4/6/2023, Arthur worked Goddard SFC for many years.

Mike McCraw passed away on 3/25/2023

Glenn Smith sent a picture of a retiree luncheon with some members of the Canary Islands, I will get it posted but not on this update, but if want a copy let me know.

If you emailed me sometime after June 1st with information and I didnt post anything let me know and Ill get it up as soon as possible.

Thank you to Ted Helm, Jeff Shaffer, Glenn Smith, dwain916 (sorry your name didnt come through), Jim Brophy, Debbie McCoy, LE Niebel and Brenda Hanrahan for all the emails.



6/8/2023 Update

Glen Smith has been catching up on some missing folks on the web site, in particular those from a roster he found from MILA. So far he has found the following folks that Ill get posted on the site, Glen has also found some of the obituaries as well. Thanks Glen for all the help.

Edward (Ed) Crough 2/14/2020
Wayman Tate 12/29/2020
Abraham Cichetti 10/28/2022
John Reindl 4/25/2023
Charles Stewart 5/29/2020 (not confirmed this date)
Joseph Romanello 3/1/2018
Martha Owen 12/14/2021
Ross (Buck) Lacey 11/23/2009
Robert Jarvis 8/3/2019
Andrew Hensley 8/19/2020
Sharon Andre 2019

I received an email from Brian Locke who is looking for anyone who knew or may have information on his father Roger B. Locke. If you can assist, drop me an email and Ill pass on his contact information.

I also got an email from Marvin Straus who ran across the site and just wanted to check in, if you want to contact Marvin email me and Ill get you in touch.




4/21/2023 Update

I have received several notices of several folks passing away.

Donald Mason passed away 4/4/2023 from injuries sustained in a head on collision a few weeks prior while enroute from Sanford to Titusville FL. Don was a long time employee of BFEC working as a Data Supervisor at MILA as well as an Ops manager in Dakar. I received this information from Don s longtime coworker, fishing buddy and close friend Glenn Smith.

Frankie Cruz passed away 3/18/2023, Frankie worked at both Guam and MILA.

I have links in the obituary section for both folks.

I received an email from Melisa Gillin, the daughter of Bruce Gillin. Melisa has some pictures to share from Madgar and Quito, when I get them and Ill do my best to post them on the site. If anyone wishes to contact Melisa send me an email and Ill pass on her information.


On last months update I posted a note about looking for Richard (Dick) Householder. Don Correl emailed me and pointed out that he was already on the site and passed away years ago. Thank you Don for helping me out, I usually try and hit all my resources to help folks but that one slipped bye me.




3/15/2023 Update

I have received several notices of folks passing away.

Ernest Schoenfeld passed away 7/30/2021 in Merritt Island FL at the age of 87, he retired as an electronic technician with BFEC.

John Bennett passed away on 1/14/2021, John had worked at several different locations as a communications engineer including Yemen. Information was sent in by his son Jim, if you wish to contact the family let me know email and Ill pass on contact information.

Also note that there was another John Bennett that passed away in 2014, he had worked with NESEA/SOSUS.

Ken Griffin passed away 2/17/2023, I dont have much about where he was at the time of his death. Ken was at multiple locations including Ascension Islands, Wallops and Alaska.

I have also exchanged several emails with George Masiuk who is looking for Richard (Dick) Householder. If you happen to know anything about Dick or perhaps know how to contact him, email me and Ill pass on the info onto George.




2/3/2023 Update

I was contacted by family members of Barry Scruggs and got an update, Barry passed away on 12/26/2022 peacefully with family members by his side.

I also have an obituary for him that will be posted on the 2022 obit page.


I also got word that James Anderson passed away, he worked for RCA at the Fairbanks NASA/NOAA sites until BFEC took over in 1972.
He later transferred to Saudi.

I also had an inquiry from Eduardo Unda-Sanzana who is a Chilean astronomer and has been doing research on the Antofagasta Tracking Station.
Eduardo was able to locate some videos online that helped his research and you may find them interesting if you had a connection to that station.

Antofagasta 1957
Antofagasta 1958




12/29/2022 Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

I received an email from Richard Brown, he learned that Barry Scruggs recently passed away. Barry was at Madagascar, Quito and possibly Madrid or Canaries.

I dont have any obituary information yet, I dont think funeral arraignments are finalized yet.

I also received an email from Zach Harvatine, Zach advised he is a current employee at Building 25/NTTF and has a bunch of pictures to share if anyone may be interested.

Zach did send me a few and I will post some on the sight in the near future. Email me and I will pass on his contact information to you.



Nov 22, 2022 Update

I have recently received a group of emails about the passing of some more folks several are from a few years back that have been recently found.

Sammy Baugh passed away 11/18/2022 in I believe Quito Ecuador. Sammy had sent me pictures before from the Quito tracking station and dont believe he ever left Ecuador.

Patricia (Pat) Friedman passed away 4/12/2020 Pat worked at Goddard with her husband Wayne. Wayne was the VP of Civilian Space at BFEC.

David Allen passed away 8/3/2022, I dont have a lot of information on David other than he was at Goldstone.

Del Hayward passed away 8/31/2022 in Anchorage Alaska, Del worked at the Gilmore Creek Station.
Harry Doug Wallace passed away in Buford Georgia on 8/22/2016, Doug worked at Cape Canaveral.

I also received an email from Bryan Jackson who shared a picture from GSFC. Bryan advised he some more which I will try and get posted at some point, but for now if you wish to

contact Bryan send me an email and I will pass on his contact information.



Aug 28, 2022 Update

I received news of several folks how have passed away recently. Karl Alexander passed away on 8/7/2022 in Westminister MD, Karl worked Project Mercury, Deep Space West Coast Ops and at JPL.

Thanks to Larry Elder and Jim Brophy for the information and links.

Daniel Pawlowski passed away on 8/11/2022, Daniel worked at Goddard. Thank you Jim Brophy.

Marion Dee Byergo passed away on 8/1/2022, Dee worked at Quito and Goldstone DSS-13. Thank you Lester Wadsworth for the information.

I also received an email from Rodney Mynatt who worked with Laser Tracking teams MOBLAS 2 and 3 as well as some other tracking stations. If you wish to contact Rod send me an

email and Ill pass on your information.



Jul 26, 2022 Update
I received two emails this week about the passing of Nancy Hanrahan Kelly who passed away 7/21/2022 after long battle with cancer. Nancy worked Ascension Islands and Goddard Space Center while with BFEC.

I also received an email letting us know that Don Vondrell passed away back on 5/30/2014 and was not on the web site. Don worked MILA.

Ill have links to both of their obituaries in the obit section.

Thanks to all that sent me the information.



Jul 18, 2022 Update

Apologies to all who follow the web site, I didnt realize its was March since I did an update. Funny how time flies when you get all wrapped up in other issues. I dont get many updates or emails anymore, I used to get information two or three times a week, now Im lucky if I get something once a month. As I have mentioned before, I believe Covid really took out many BFEC folks.

Here is what has come through since the last update, some of the information I just ran across and have not had a chance to confirm, so if anyone has further please email me and Ill update.

Dan Umberger passed away on 7/16/2022, I dont have any further information.

Donna M. Elmore passed away in Tallahassee on 1/9/2022, she worked for Bendix but I dont have much other information, Ill have a link in the obituary section.

Clifford Benson passed away 5/4/2022, I believe Cliff might have been in Colorado, but not sure. Cliff was VP with Bendix, Cliff was also one of my biggest sources of information, he keep me updated on many things.

Warren Weller from New Smyrna Beach passed away on 4/17/2022. Warren worked at MILA and Ill have a link in the obituary section.

Paul Staskus passed away on 1/12/2020 in Orlando, Paul was already on the site but I received an updated obituary, click here for link, thanks Glenn Smith for the update.

I also received emails from Harley Crain and Bill Tucker who were just checking in, if you want to touch base with either one send me an email and Ill pass on their contact information.



Mar 31, 2022 Update

I received an email from Leslie Rumsey about the passing of his wife Joan on 11/1/2021. Joan worked for BFEC in Columbia MD.

I also received word from several folks about Randall Bone passing away on 10/10/2021 in Raleigh, NC. Randall worked in Madagascar and Rosman.

Word also in about the passing of John Rutt in Sun Lakes, AZ on 1/12/2022. John worked at the Gilmore Creek Station.

Thank you to all who sent in information.



Feb 25, 2022 Update

I received an email from Sarah letting me know that her father Bill Lins passed away on 2/12/2022. I also received several other emails letting me know about Bill, thanks to everyone for information. Bill started his BFEC career in 1967 with an assignment to Ascension Island, the Devils Ashpit.  From there he had assignments at Grand Bahama Island, Newfoundland, Buckhorn, the Hill at Columbia Headquarters, and finally Bermuda.  He retired from BDA to Cocoa Beach in 1995. I have a link in the obituary section for Bill.

Brenda Hanrahan emailed me to let us know that Dan Nugent passed away after a battle with cancer on 4/7/2021. Dan worked for many years with BFEC, mostly in various field sites. Brenda advised that her husband and she are in routine contact with his wife, Carla, so we would be glad to pass along to her anyones belated condolences. I have a link in the obituary section for Dan.



Jan 29, 2022 Update

I got word through the Face Book BFEC Reunion page that Alexander James (Jim) Warren passed away in May of 2021 in Deltona FL. Jim was a long term BFEC employee hiring into Owings Mill, MD in 1966 after serving in the U.S. Army. Jim was born in New Kensington in Pittsburgh, PA, February 1941. Originally a teletype repairman, Jim moved up through the communications center positions, and retired as a Senior Field Engineer in 1994. Jim had stints in Owings Mill, Columbia, GSFC Bldg 25, and GCP. Jim was one of Barry Crouch’s favorite engineers to send TDY too many of our remote sites in support of various missions.

Glenn Smith emailed me about Frank Mlodzianowski who passed away back on May 19, 2019. Frank was in RF Section and was Antenna Servo Operator at MILA for many years.  Many knew him by his nickname, - Murf the Surf -

I hope everyone had a good holiday season, it has been very quiet since October with not much to report.




Oct 15, 2021 Update

I received news that Shirley Weingarten has passed away in Ellicott City, MD. Ill have a link in the obituary section.

William (Bill) Jaynes Sr passed away in Titusville FL on 9/27/2021, Bill was part of MILA.

Keith Hill passed away 9/21/2021 at the Ascension St Agnes Hospital, Keith was at Bermuda during Apollo and then to Goddard.

Jose Pineiro passed away 7/31/2021 in FL, Jose was part of Kennedy Space Center on the Bendix DLM Team.


Kevin Davidson emailed me to provide some more information on Lee Brown who passed away in 1984 or 1985. Kevin noted that he worked with Lee in Columbia MD after returning from Dakar in 1982. Thank you Kevin.


I also received an email from Russell Nelson, son of Vaughn Nelson. Russ has been converting pictures his dad Vaughn took during his time with BFEC and passed on some pictures from Easter Island. They were there surveying the runway and island as a possible shuttle divert strip, I uploaded the pictures here . Thank you Russ for the email.





Aug 26th, 2021 Update

I received an email from Susan Woods letting me know that Robert Dan Woods passed away on 6/10/2021. Dan worked with BFEC at Goddard, I’ll have some more information in the obituary section.


Aug 16th, 2021 Update

I was emailed by Steven Novakovich who let me know that George Taguma passed away back on 1/18/2019 in Kalaheo HI. George worked at several stations including Riyadh, KSA with Steven. Thank you Steven and I will have a link in the obituary section.

Danisha Peterson, the wife of Earl Peterson, passed away recently. Earl had worked in Madgar in the late 60s early 70s and eventually settled in Albuquerque NM. Thank you Sam Bass for information.

I received an email from James Varner who wanted to let us know his wife Priscilla Ann Varner passed away 6/7/2021. Priscilla joined Allied Signal in 95, when part of the NESEA/NIS East support group. Priscilla's work was in the financial/contract realm so she interfaced with Columbia headquarters as well as her local duties for about 15 years. Jim was hired in May of 73 as a draftsman for his NASA support team, later transferred to work in St. Inigoes, Md. NESTED at the time. Jim remained with BFEC-Honeywell for 29.5 years.

Ernie Ochmann sent me an email that he found out that his good friend Ricky Warmbrun passed away in July 2017 in Bermuda. Ricky worked the Bermuda Station with DLM Team in the late 70s. Thank you Ernie for the email.

Now for some good news

Jonny O aka Jon Osoro sent me an email reaching out to anyone who worked at the GSTDN Goldsboro, GSTDN Guam and JPL Pasadena. Jonny worked from 1969 to 1995 and would like to make contact with anyone who at those stations, email me and I’ll pass on Jonny contact info.

I also got an email from Dick Cotelesse in Guam who wanted me to post a Hello to Butch Heacock. Butch if you want to respond drop me an email and Ill pass on Dick’s contact info.



Jun 24th, 2021 Update

I received news of two more loses, Dave Hamblin who passed away on 6/6/2021 and Chuck Snyder who passed away on 6/8/2021.
Dave worked for BFEC in St. Inigoes, MD then later transferred to Goddard Space Flight Center where he worked for Honeywell until his retirement in 2013.
Chuck worked for BFEC at Ascension during the Apollo missions.

Ill have links to their obits in the obituary section, thanks to Jim Brophy and Richard Brown for the information.




Jun 1st, 2021 Update

I received an email from Jammy Jones about the death of Marian Coombs who passed away last year on 2/6/2020. Marian worked at headquarters in Columbia, she was secretary to Jim Conrad and later Monica DeShong.

I received another email from Ralph Shiflett who advised that Joe Sima passed away 3/26/2021. Joe lived in Columbia, MD and when with BFEC worked in Japan, Philippines and Madagascar.
Ralph also advised that another BFECer Tracey Wood passed away but didnt have much information on Tracey. If anyone has more, please email me and I will update the site.

Jeff Clifford emailed me to advise that Lyle Wyant passed away 5/20/2021 in Brevard, Lyle worked for BFEC/Honeywell for 30 years.

Sarah Leung emailed me and said she had found the web site. Sarah was a field engineer in support of TDRSS, tracking stations, and the Space Shuttle program. Thank you for the emails and if anyone wishes to contact Sarah email me and I put you in contact



May 14, 2021 Update

As soon I posted the May11th update I was notified of three more folks who passed away.

Don Sundgren passed away back in 2011 and was not on the website. Don worked in England, Fairbanks at Gilmore and then finished up in Guam.

Peter Phillips passed away May 7th, Peter was at Wallops Flight Facility and in Bermuda.

David Huff passed away May 9th, David was a field engineer until his retirement in 1993. His main responsibility was working with NASA installing satellite communication towers throughout the world.

I will have links to their obituaries on the obit page, thanks to many who sent me emails about these three men.




May 11, 2021 Update

I have received news that two more folks have passed away. Paul Bonolis passed away 5/9/2021 from cancer, Paul was the VP of human resources for BFEC and Allied Signal.
Bruce McGhie passed away 4/24/2021, Bruce was lead Hydro-Mechanic at the Fairbanks Gilmore Creek tracking stations (NASA ULA & NOAA GIL).

I will have links in the obituary section for both men, thank you to Glenn Smith and Vincent Bonolis for the information.



April 13, 2021 Update

I was able to get the obituary link for Bill Wells for those who may be interested, please see the obituary page.

I was contacted by Jeffrey Anthony that Sharon Anthony passed away on 3/30/2021 in Chesapeake VA. Jeffery sent a nice write up about Sharon that I will post in the obituary section. Sharon spent the majority of her time at Goldstone.

Sam Bass sent some information about the memorial service for Pat Maloney which will be held on 4/23/2021. In the Covid era, there is a zoom link for those who want to join in remotely; I’ll post the information in the obituary section.

Thanks to all who sent in information.



March 25, 2021 Update

Word just in from the Facebook page that Bill Wells passed away on 3/24/2021, I believe in Hedgesville WV. Bill worked at Bermuda, Ascension, Goddard and White Sands (and possibly other locations)


March 23, 2021 Update

I have received word Pat Maloney passed away 3/21/2021 in Friendsworth, TX. Pat worked at HQ, NASA STADAN stations in Greenland, Madgar, Quito, Peru, Santiago and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the SNEP and SOCP Contracts. Thank you Cliff Benson for the information.

I also got word that Jim Duffy passed away in Aberdeen, MD. Jim was a long time BFEC employee with assignments on USAF contracts in Okinawa and Berlin along with assignments on NASA projects at Wallops Island and Goddard Space Center. Thank you John Gale for the information

I will have links to their obituaries on the obits page.

I received an email from Brian Foreman who has been a long time BFECer as well as a deep family connection with BFEC with several close family members also part of the company. Thank you Brian for the email, if anyone wishes to contact Brian email me and I'll pass on his information.



February 26, 2021 Update

I have received word Malcolm Higa passed away, not sure on date but believe he was living in Hawaii. Malcolm worked in Dakar. I do have an email for his wife Beverly if anyone wishes to make contact with her.

I also got word that Al Cook passed away, again I dont have a date on when. Al was a BFEC employee at Alaska (ULA).

I dont have obituary information for either, if someone has more shoot me an email and Ill update the page.




February 12, 2021 Update

I have received word that Vince Krasnisky passed 2/7/2021 after a long battle with cancer. Vince was a longtime friend to our family, RIP Vince you will be missed. I’ll have more on Vince in the obituary section.

I got an email from James Sword who was just checking in; if anyone wants to reach out to James I have his email. Thanks James for the email.



February 9, 2021 Update

I have received word on the passing of two more folks. Lloyd Sterling passed away 2/6/2021, he was involved with Vanguard and worked at Quito and NESEA. Robert Snyder passed away 1/28/2021, he was with BFEC at Columbia MD. I will have links in the obituary section for more information.

I also received an email from Steven Tourville, who is the son of Tom Tourville. Steven was in Quito and then MADGAR in the 60s and 70s with his dad like many of us 'kids' who followed their parents around the world. I am fairly certain that Steven and I have crossed paths during this time frame; my course was reversed being in MADGAR 1st then Quito. Steven has scanned a bunch of pictures that some of you might find interesting and put them on a web, click this link for pictures of MADGAR and Ecuador, they may be under the user name of 'stourvil1'. Steven also lives in the Orlando and I have his email if any one wishes to contact him, just email me and I'll get you in contact.



January 19, 2021 Update

I made an error in the last update, somehow when I was compiling all the emails and info over the last 7 months I put Larry Finley on the passed away list. I just received an email from Larry letting me know he is very much alive and Im so sorry for the mistake and I hope I didnt cause anyone any issues with the error.


January 14, 2021 Update

I mentioned yesterday when I was doing some checks, but I’ll repeat it, the computer I was using died and I lost a lot of the files and emails related to BFEC and the site. With that, I am going to post what I have knowing that I probably lost some emails folks sent me about the loss of a friend or family. If you sent me something in 2020 and don’t see an update about it let me know. Email
The following are the folks who passed recently, I will have more information in the obituary section with some links; Myron E Althouse, Paul A Staskus, Ralph E Page Sr, Howard Ashworth, Clarence M Gleason Jr, Clarence “Whit” Wash, Larry Hicks, William A Bartlett, Carolyn H Spohr, Bruce and Mittie Gillin, Elgin “Tennessee” Hinson, Edward A Smith and Henry “Hank” Sielski.

I also have a few check ins over the last 7 months, Steve Statts emailed me and said that he worked for BFEC from 1982 to around 1992 on the STDN contracts. David Prawde also emailed me and advised he was in MADGAR from 67 to 72 and would like to find some folks from those days. If you wish to contact Steve or David, email me and I will pass on their contact info.

I was in contact with Vince Kransisky earlier in 2020, but I have not heard anything in a while, if anyone has some info on Vince let me know.



January 13, 2021

Well good news, I'm finally able to get back into the web site and make some updates. My old computer died and I lost a bunch of stuff from that crash, including the software I used to do changes. Thank you very much to several folks who provided support, either financial or technical to help me get things back going again, especially the following; Jim Brophy, Don Zander, Bill Wells, Joe Cantrell, Bob Gould, my mom Jane and stepdad Joe and others that I lost track of over the last 7 months. I did lose a bunch of email and addresses, so that stinks but I did find a few old copies and still might be able to help folks who are looking for friends.
Anyway, I’ll have a big update after I go through the emails I received in the last few months and try to get things caught up, thanks for your patience.

TEST 1/13/2021



June 22, 2020 Update

Vincent Krasnisky sent me an email to let us know that he found a few more folks who have passed away.  Linue Jackson (Jack) Gallop passed away back on 9/25/2013 in Gautier MS, I have a link in obit section for more information. Jack was in Quito from 1969 to 1975.
Dwayne Jennings also worked in Quito, passed away in Houma LA on 1/18/2014, I also have a link for more information in the obit section.
Thank you Vince.


June 15, 2020 Update

I received an email that AC Dickson passed away back on 9/4/2009 in California; I have a link to the obituary, but not much detail. Reid Drummond said that A.C. had worked at the Goldstone Apollo station in the recorder and telemetry areas. Thank you Reid for the info.

Jeff Anthony emailed me to let us know his friend and BFEC’er Donald Pavelka passed away 4/10/2020 in Yermo, CA. Donald worked in the antenna shop at Goldstone for many years.

Vincent Krasnisky sent me an email, glad to hear from Vince, he has had his bouts with staying healthy. Vince wanted to let us know that Nick Fanelli a fellow BFEC employee who worked with Vince at Ft Dix, NJ in 1966 passed away 12/3/2019. Nick spent 30+ year career at JPL, I have a link on the obituary page.

Robin Dixon sent me an email with a heavy heart letting us know that his father Deward Dixon Sr passed away in Baltimore on 4/10/2020 due to complications from Covid-19. Deward worked at Goddard Space Flight Center. Thank you Robin for the information and I’ll have a link to his obituary in obit section.

I received several emails from Chuck and Jeannine Edmonson over the last 6 months in which they sent pictures of Madgar and Ft Myers to add to the web site. I have been a bit busy and totally forgot about the pictures and posting them for everyone to see. I added them to the various photos page HERE for anyone who wants to see them. Chuck and Jeannine also wanted to pass on that if anyone is interested in a Bendix CAP that were made for reunion they hosted several years ago they would give the cap for free if they would pay for the shipping. They are also trying to contact Percy Montoya, the cell phone number they have is no longer valid. Maybe someone knows of his whereabouts and has a current phone number? Please email me about Percy or a cap and I’ll pass it on.



April 20, 2020 Update

I received an email from Dennis Bassen who wanted to pass on the loss of friend and follow BFEC’er Ron Roloff a few years ago. Ron passed away on 10/22/2017 in Parkers Praire MN, I’ll have more information on the obituary page that Dennis passed on to me.

Ed Larson checked in, he is currently in Argentina, quarantined due to the Covid-19 but is hoping to be able to fly back to the US sometime in the first part of May. Ed said all is well, they just have a tough lockdown in Argentina and he waiting it out, good luck Ed.

I received an email from Joe Miller who updated me with the passing of his father Joseph J. Miller on June 14, 2016 in St Augustine Florida at the age of 93. Joseph was the past director of the Laser Tracking Network from the 1970’s until 1987.  He previously served in Zanzibar, Nigeria, Guymas Mexico, JPL in California and Goddard Space Flight Center. Thanks Joe for the information.


March 16, 2020 Update

I received several emails informing me that Bob Sanders passed away on March 7th from pancreatic cancer. The last information we have is Bob was living in Prescott AZ, but may have been on/off in Quito Ecuador as well. I don’t have any obit information yet, but I’ll update when I do.


I received an email from John Cass who is looking for records or information about his father Gene Cass who worked for Bendix. John relayed the following; Gene Cass worked for Bendix during the 1950's to early 60's, he worked for the company after he served in the USAF. He worked on setting up or maintaining radar systems. 
I have notes associated with Bendix Radio Corp. 
Bendix Radio Corp, Dept 474, Installations section, Greenspring & Smith Ave, Baltimore 9 Maryland
and in Feb 1959
Bendix Radio 
Field Engineering Headquarters
Painters Mill & Reisterstown Roads
Owings Mills Maryland
Installations Section
If you remember or have information about Gene please email me and I will pass it on the John.





March 5, 2020 Update

I received an email from Brenda Hanrahan letting us know that Dennis Schehl passed away in MD on February 9, 2020. Dennis was with BFEC in Columbia MD for over 36 years. Thank you Brenda for the information.

Reid Drummond sent word that Steve Bakos passed away at his home in Spencer WI on 1/28/2020. It’s believed that Steve was at Goldstone Apollo Station in the 90’s. Thank Reid for the information.

I have links for both Steve and Dennis on the obituary page for more information.

I also received an email from Lou Porta about an update on Vera Boecker provided by her daughters, Pat Lennon and Rita Porta. (Both of whom worked at BFEC during their college year summers during the late 60s). Vera moved to Washington state in 1980 where she was able to visit with Les Graffis, one of her former bosses. When her husband Charles died in 2009 she moved to a retirement complex where she lived until she died in October 2017. Thank you Lou for the information.



January 10, 2020 Update

I hope everyone had a good holiday, hard to believe we have entered another new decade, Happy 2020.
The good news for once was I had very little email/traffic over the holidays and that means most folks are doing well.

I did receive word from Richard Brown that Lamar Bazemore passed away back on June 16, 2019 in Richmond Hill, GA. Lamar was with NAVSPACER and in Quito. Thank you Richard for the information.




November 28, 2019 Update

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I received word from Marilyn Russell that her husband and longtime BFEC’er Don Russell passed away on 11/22/2019 in Prince Fredrick MD at the age of 86. Marilyn wanted to pass on thanks to all family and friends who kept in contact during the difficult times.

Robin Dixon checked in and wanted to let me know we missed the passing of Randall Wiley back on 4/5/2019 in Upper Marlboro MD. Thank you for the information and I’ll have a link in the obituary section for more.



October 03, 2019 Update

I have received several emails about the passing of Jerry Mead on 8/25/2019 at the age of 96 in Baltimore MD. Jerry was a long time BFEC’er rising to VP and controller. I will have a link in obituaries for Jerry to a very interesting life he led.

Edward Briggs passed away 9/30/2019 in TX, Ed was another long time BFEC’er with multiple assignments all over the world, I’ll have more in obits.

Jim Long passed away 9/21/2019 in Eldersburg MD. Jim's contribution to space geodesy and the DoD spans over 35 years, from his time as a uniformed NOAA officer for the National Geodetic Survey to 24 years as a Government contractor at Honeywell to his last position as the VLBI Operations Manager at NASA.

I received an email from Brenda Hanrahan about the demolition of the old Bendix HQ on Bendix Rd in Colombia MD. It looks like they are making room for the new Howard County Courthouse. Brenda sent a video of the heavy equipment working where the old building was located, I’m working on posting it on the website. Thank you Brenda.

Cliff Benson sent me a picture from Quito from around 1974 with some ESCO contractors that Ill post in the various pictures page, thanks Cliff.



August 22, 2019 Update

I have received multiple emails about the passing of Lou Bricca who left us on 8/11/2019 in New Windsor MD. Per several of the emails, Lou worked on the SNEP (Saudi Navy Expansion Program) with the Joint Venture HBH (Hughes, Bendix and Holmes & Narvar) contract and reported to have been in human resources with BFEC in MD as well. Thanks to all who emailed me.

I received an email from Marilyn Russell about Donald. Don is in hospice and several BFEC visitors stopped by to see him. Marilyn sent a couple pictures with her email, click here to see the details.

Al Odenthal emailed me and wanted to pass on thanks for the web site, said he enjoyed the visit. Al’s father Lawrence Odenthal, was the Station Director for the Grand Bahama and St. John's NFLD tracking stations. Thank you Al for the email.

Walt Sokoloski checked in and sent a bunch of pictures from Quito in 1971 and Winkfield in 1966. I posted the pictures on the “Photos” page under “Various Pictures”, click here to see the page. Thank you Walt for sharing the pictures and my apologies for taking forever in getting them posted.



July 16, 2019 Update

John "Jack" Thomas Sexton Jr., 85, CTRCM, USN (Ret.) I received an email from Michael Sexton about the passing of Jack and an obituary. Jack passed away 10/11/2016; I will post the obituary in the obits section, thank you Michael for sending in the information.

Frank Costanza checked in, Frank worked at Goddard as well as supporting the Apollo and Skylab missions. Frank was also looking for GSFC pictures from back in the day, if you have any you want to share, email them to me and I’ll forward then to Frank and post them for others. I can also pass on Frank’s email if you wish to contact him directly.

Speaking of pictures, Glenn Laser (NST TM, Apollo 7 thru 15), checked in and with the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 upon us, wanted to post a question to all remaining on their status and contributions to the Apollo mission. I don’t have much of an interactive form on this site, but if you go to FaceBook and search for BFEC, there is an active group of retirees there with a good method of communicating and sharing pictures. Feel free to email me pictures related to the Apollo missions or any BFEC items and I can post them on the site.

And for Apollo 11 here is an excerpt from the timeline for the Apollo 11 mission for liftoff, today 50 years ago.
Liftoff (umbilical disconnected) (1.07 g)
GET (hhh:mm:ss) 000:00:00.63
GMT 13:32:00
GMT Date 16 Jul 1969

July 20th, touchdown on the lunar surface
GET (hhh:mm:ss) 102:45:39.9
GMT 20:17:39
GMT Date 20 Jul 1969

Splashdown (went to apex-down) Earth
GET (hhh:mm:ss) 195:18:35
GMT 16:50:35
GMT Date 24 Jul 1969

For the rest of the time line visit here.




June 21, 2019 Update

I received emails from Larry Hare and Cliff Benson about a few more folks who have passed away. Thank you guys for the updates.

Judith Dewrell passed away 5/12/2019 in Westminster, MD. Judy worked as an auditor for 25 years with BFEC.
Chuck Greenslit passed away 6/18/2019 in Mount Airy MD. Chuck spent 39 years with BFEC, originally starting in Baltimore, rising to the head the Department of Engineering.

I have links to their obituaries on the obits page.

From the BFEC Facebook page I saw that an old friend to the Schulz family has been struggling, Steve Ramey posted the following: Our friend Vince Krasnisky is going through a rough patch right now. He had a tumor on his vocal cords last year that he thought was going to be okay after surgery. The cancer returned a couple months back and he had a pretty radical surgery that removed his vocal cords. He initially was recovering from that well but after they removed the staples from the incision he came down with a severe infection and had to be re-hospitalized to deal with that. When I last spoke to Ripple on Sunday, she gave me the okay to post something and said he was doing better and was possibly going home on Monday. So if you would, keep Vince and Ripple in your thoughts and prayers!



May 11, 2019 - Update

I have received word that Joe Mehalic passed away 5/5/2019 peacefully, in Brevard NC. Joe was at Quito, Mojave, Rosman and Germany, thanks to Lyle Wyant and Steve Ramey for the information.

Ed Brandon passed away 4/30/2019 in the Columbia MD area, Ed was with BFEC before forming his own company LB&B Associates. Thanks to Cliff Benson for the information.

James Ryan passed away in the Laurel MD area, James was a long time employee of BFEC. Thank you Randy Coffman for the information.





May 2, 2019 Update

I have received word that George Olsen passed away peacefully at the age of 91 in Lanham MD. George worked at GFSC.

Leslie Price emailed me to let us know that her mother Valerie Nitz passed away on 11/29/2016 in Hagerstown MD. Valerie was with Bendix, Allied Signal and Honeywell for almost 40 years, Thank you Leslie for the notification.

I received an email from Martin Hailey who worked on Apollo 11, Martin wanted to let us know that his son and best friend Sean passed away after battling cancer. God bless Martin, no one should have to go through a loss of a child.

Darlene emailed me and wanted to inform us that the 2020 BFEC Reunion is being planned, no location or dates yet, but Ashville NC, SC or possibly GA are the initial target areas, stay tuned I will post any new info here and eventually I can set up a page dedicated to the reunion. As always if you wish to get involved and help Darlene feel free to email me and I’ll pass it on.




April 17, 2019 Update

I received word that a few more folks have passed away;

Betty Bennett, the wife of John Bennett passed away 3/16/2019 in Houston, TX.
Donald Smith passed on 3/17/2019 in Columbia MD. Don worked for over 20 years with Honeywell/Allied Signal etc.
Wes McNutt passed on 3/2/2019 in El Paso TX. Wes was a former Apollo site/USB/RF tech and Spectrum Coordinator.
Harry Giller passed away 2/8/2019 in California. Harry worked at several different sites including Apollo and was an USB tech.
Ray Gibson passed away 12/30/2018 in Barstow CA. Ray was an RF Technician - STDN at Goldstone Apollo Site and Space Console Operator - DSN at Goldstone Mars Site
Easter Gibson, the wife of Ray Gibson passed away on 8/3/2012. Easter was at Goldstone for over 25 years as a Logistics Technician & Communication Operator.

I received numerous emails about some of the folks that passed away, thank you all for the information; some of the on-line obituaries don’t mention anything about what they did.
I will have links to obituaries on the obit page.

I received a couple emails from Larry Haug with pictures of the Madrid Station. I posted the pictures on the “various pictures” page I set up, click here. Thank you Larry for sharing.

Speaking of the various pictures page I setup, Devere (Dee) Byergo emailed me and indicated that they were part of the Surveyor Tracking Crew for DSS-11 at Barstow and could name a few of the folks in the picture. I updated the picture with the names Dee provided.

I received a donation from Don Zander, once again I would do it for free, I enjoy maintaining the site, just wish I had more time to dedicate to it, thank you Don!



March 7, 2019 Update

I received word that three more folks have passed away;

Chuck Lacey passed away 5/15/2018 in Westminster, MD, Chuck Lacey was the manager of the BFEC/ASTC (and Maybe HTSI) era Architectural and Engineering Services Department (AESD).  They supported the Ground and Space Network facility development, construction and improvements. Thank you Jim Brophy for the information.

Virgil True passed away 2/12/2019 in Longview WA. Virgil True was previously the NASA Station Director at Hawaii and White Sands Ground Terminal, New Mexico. Thanks Butch Heacock for the information and obituary.

Marilyn R. "Bam" Laughlin Benning passed away 12/31/2018 in Corpus Christy TX. Bam worked at the NASA Tracking Station, Corpus Christi, TX. Thank you Carole Denton for the information.



February 25, 2019 Update

I received word that Harvey Louis Tesch, 88, of Finksburg, MD passed away 1/31/2019. I will have a link in the obituary section for more information on Harvey.

Some of you may have noticed a few days of the web site being down, with a message about the domain being expired. All has been fixed and restored, so if you hear of someone having issues, make sure the refresh the page.



February 8, 2019 Update

Don Correll was able locate the day (3/10/2008) Leon Groves passed away and I will update the obituary section, thank you Don.

Sam Bass emailed me to pass on that Vonnie Calp, wife of Donald Calp, former STDN BFEC Station Manager, passed away January 28th in Texas at her daughter’s home. I will have more on Vonnie in the obituary section, thank you Sam.

Butch Heacock checked in and provided the following: Butch worked for BFEC many years in logistics/property management. BFEC locations included Dodge Park, Maryland, Antigua WI, Guam MI, USNS Vanguard/Florida & Argentina, Goldstone/Mojave, Madrid Spain/Hybrid Terminal, NESEA/Southern Maryland, and lastly White Sands Ground Terminal/Tula Peak, New Mexico. Left BFEC in New Mexico and worked for SpaceCom, that later became Contel, General Dynamics, GTE. Went to Sri Lanka with GTE working on installing a new cellphone network. Came back to the states and hired on with Lockheed Martin's Aircraft & Logistics Center in Greenville, South Carolina. After a couple of years there Flour Corporation in Greenville recruited me to work in the Mid East, assignments were in Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq. After those adventures decided to retire, but that didn't last too long. Got a call from DynCorp International and took a job in Fort Worth Texas, that included travel, and back in the MidEast, specifically Afghanistan. Now retired again and plan to stay that way! Irma and I continue to enjoy our home and lifestyle here in beautiful South Carolina. Thanks Butch for mini-bio, and if anyone wishes to reach out to Butch I have his email, contact me and I will forward the message.


January 18, 2019 Update

I received an email from Don Correll who wanted to pass on that Leon Groves passed away several years ago and was not listed on the web site. Leon worked contracts at Guam, Madrid and Goldstone. I don’t have a date or any other information on Leon, if someone does please email me and I’ll add it to the obituary section. Thank you Don.

Sam Bass emailed me to pass on that Ingrid DeFusco, wife of Tony DeFusco, passed away Wednesday, Dec 19th, 2018. I will post the link in the obituary section, thank you Sam for the email.

Martin Hailey checked in and wanted some assistance with the access to the “” web site. I am not sure if my dad, Gary, kept a listing of this information, he may have due to the number of Navy folks he associated with, but I could not locate anything. If you have knowledge of the website and/or may have connections to the USS LENAWEE APA-195, please email me and I will pass it on to Martin.


I have received several about the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, I will be happy to setup a page to post links and information for events being organized to celebrate the event. So far I have been contacted by the following:
Larry Haug passed this on - The folks at Fresnedillas, Spain are having a 50th Anniversary celebration for Apollo 11.  They have invited any of the former BFEC members who were at the Madrid Station to come join them in the celebration activities on July 20th.  They have told me that any BFEC/NASA personnel who would like to attend will be welcomed.  So far myself, Bob Francis and Vic Werbitzky are planning to attend. Email me and I will pass it on to Larry if you are interested.
Pete Conway passed this on - This year is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission.  Huntsville, Alabama is planning some big events.  Here are a couple of links to show some of the activities that may interest some old BFEC’er.
One of the big events is the attempt to break a Guinness World Record by launching 5,000 model rockets simultaneously. They are in the process now of repainting the Saturn 5 that stands outside the NASA visitor’s center.



December 15, 2018

I received an email from Joe Cantrell who wanted to pass on that his longtime friend and fellow BFEC’er Blaise A. Patrick passed away 12/10/2018 in Cleveland, OH. Blaise was hired on as a diesel mechanic for the NASA Tracking Station on Ascension Island, right out of diesel mechanics school. Blaise was a very talented mechanic and personnel on the NASA sight were astonished at his mechanical expertise at such a very young age.  Blaise came to Ascension just months before the Falklands War began. So he got to see Ascension pre Falklands War, and post Falklands War. It was a very interesting and demanding time to be an American on Ascension during the Falklands War between the UK and Argentina.  While Blaise was on Ascension, he also visited St. Helena Island, 700 miles to the South. St. Helena was the home of much of the labor force for Ascension Island, to include the Devil's Ashpit NASA Tracking Station. Blaise made this journey on the RMS St. Helena, which at the time, was the only way to travel in and out of St. Helena. He is one of the very few Americans to have ever made this journey to what was one of the most remote Islands in the world at the time. Blaise was very well liked on Ascension and at the NASA site, and was also a well-known SCUBA-Diver as a member of the 'Ascension Divers' Dive Club. A picture of Blaise can be seen in the photos section-Ascension #5. Thank you Joe for the notification and the nice write up, I’ll have a link to his obit on the obituary page.

I also received an inquiry from David Seargent from New Zealand, if you can help David please email me with your contact information and I’ll forward it to him. Here is David’s request; I am trying to track down information re an unidentified comet photographed by the Baker-Nunn camera at Mt. John Observatory in New Zealand in 1977 or 78. The discovery was made by Mr. Williams (first name not known to me) of the Bendix Corporation Field Engineering Division. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Harley Crain checked in asking if there were any gatherings for ole BFEC’ers planned for the near future. If you know of any or want to reach out to Harley email me and I’ll pass it on.

I also want to pass on “Happy Birthday” to my mom in Ocala FL, Jane and her new husband Joe are enjoying life in the Top of the World community getting ready for a Christmas trip to GA. Happy Birthday Mom!



November 29, 2018

I received multiple emails about the passing of Ben Gallup 11/11/2018 in Bartonsville, MD. Ben worked on multiple projects from Project Mercury to International Space Station and was well known. Ben’s daughter Sue Gallup Klus also worked for BFEC, passed away back in 2014 and was not listed on the web site. Thank you Robert Marton for the information and links as well as Dick Brown and Don Zander for the notifications. I will have links for both on the obituary page.

I have been working on a “Various” picture page for a place to share the different items folks send in. Click on the link or go to “Photos” section and I’ll have a link there as well.



November 14, 2018

I received word that four BFEC’ers have passed away, Henry “Carl” Sohn; Robert “Bob” James Beno; James Michael Stevens Sr and from back in September 2013 Robert Cletus Ruxlow.

Thanks to Jim Brophy, Randy Coffman and Mary Ruxlow for providing the obituaries and links.

I’ll post all the related information in the obituaries section.


October 1st, 2018

I received news that two more folks passed away.

Andrew “Andy” George Samchuck passed away 9/22/2018 in Columbia MD. Andy worked for Bendix at the NASA Tracking Station in Rosman for five years before transferring to Maryland. He retired in 2009 from Honeywell International Inc. as a software engineer, while working at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Marshall Wiley passed away 9/10/2018 at his home in Santa Maria, CA. Marshall worked at NASA Gilmore Creek Tracking Station as well as Guam, Germany, White Sands NM.

Thanks to Glenn Smith and Jim Brophy for the notifications and information.



September 18, 2018

I received word that a couple more folks passed away. Samuel Raimond passed away September 2, 2018 in MD. Thank you Randy Coffman for the information.

Susan Woods emailed me and passed on a link to Ronald D. Brickerd’s obituary, Ron passed away February 2, 2015 in New Bern, NC. Thank you Susan for the information.

I’ll post links to their respective obituaries in the obits section.


September 12, 2018

I received word that Anthony R. Henrich passed away a few years ago on 10/2/2014. Tony worked at the TDRSS White Sands Facility for 30+ years before retiring. Thank you Bill Wells for letting us know.

I received an email from Ed Weibe who wanted to pass on that he enjoys the web site and is still in the Space Program which hopefully will be back at full capacity in the very near future. Thanks Ed for the email.

Darlene who is coordinating the next reunion also checked in. If you are planning on going to the reunion please get with her as soon as possible, click here for more information.



Aug 22, 2018

I received an email from Don Zander letting us know that Bill Underwood passed away 7/10/2018 in Oakland, FL. Bill worked at several locations during his BFEC time including England, Germany, South America, Madagascar and Saudi Arabia. Thanks Don for the info.

Brenda Hanrahan emailed me to let me know she ran across the obituary for Peter Pataro and forwarded the link for the site. I was originally notified about Peter’s passing in 2017 where he is listed in the obit section, but Brenda noted he actually passed away 5/23/2014. I made note under both years for the link to Peter’s obituary.

I received word that Richard G. Lundhagen from Fairbanks AK passed away 7/23/2018. Richard worked at the Alaska (ULA) Tracking Station. Thanks Glenn for the info.

I also got a nice email from James Sword who was checking in on the web site. James said that he was at ACN 77-78 and BDA from 80 until it closed down. James was also in the STS Program in the S-Band Group. James eventually ended up in the Merchant Marine Service as a Radio-Electronics Officer. James also mentioned that he wanted to say hi to Patricia Peskett, so if someone has contact with Patricia I’ll pass on his email. Thanks James for the email.

If you follow BFEC on Facebook you have learned that the 2018 reunion was announced and will be in Las Cruces, NM on October 5, 6, & 7, 2018. I don’t have any other information other than what is posted on Facebook, click here for more. Thank you Darlene



July 20, 2018

Just a quick update, I received an email from Reid Drummond letting us know that Ron Smith passed away 7/25/2014 in Socorro NM. Ron had worked at the Goldstone Apollo Station and other locations during a 32 year career. Thank you Reid.

I also received an email from Holly Miller updating her email, if anyone wishes to make contact with her, email me and I will forward the contact information. Thank you Holly.


July 17, 2018

Only one item to pass on, Robert Marton emailed me to let us know that his long time co-worker Imants “Monte” Krauze passed away 1/24/2018 at the Pelham Medical Center in Geer SC. Robert wrote that Monte was a long-time MOSP/MOSS and NMOS employee at Goddard, and was ATSC Director  of Quality in the 1990's.  They worked together for many years in Greenbelt and Columbia.  Monte spearheaded a number of NASA quality and productivity awards, and had a key leadership role in ATSC's Total Quality efforts.  He was responsible for the company winning numerous quality assurance contracts. Thank you Robert for the information.



June 25, 2018

First the good news:

I received an email from David Jorgensen who noted being with BFEC (Tana 1965-1967 In trailers) and Santiago 1967-1971-72, and Goddard for several months). David said he did remember Cliff Benson, and was with him in Santiago, so his contact information was forwarded to Cliff. Thank you David for the nice email and information.

I also received another nice email from Mike Britcliffe who advised he spent the early part of his career working for BFEC at Goldstone 1975 to 1982. Mike said that his time with BFEC was great and was very thankful for the web site. I was also able to send him the email address I had for Jim Gershbach, thank you Mike for the email and thanks.

Now the rest of the updates:

I received news that Chuck Moranville passed away 6/7/2018 in Plant City, FL. Chuck was an accountant at BFEC.

Alvin (Al) Marquis passed away 7 October, 2017 in Woodbine, MD.  Al was a longtime employee of BFEC, ASTC, and Honeywell and worked at Blossom Point in the 1970’s and 1980’s as the principle orbital mechanic as well as many locations throughout his BFEC career.

Wylie “Buddy” McMillan passed away 2/18/2018 in Texas. Buddy was not with BFEC, but worked for NASA and was the station director in Bermuda as well as other assignments at White Sands, Cape Canaveral, Guaymas and Goddard. For more information click here.


June 5, 2018

I have received word that BFEC Chairman/President, CEO Joe Engle passed away June 1st. Joe was part of BFEC from 1965 to 1994, I’ll have a lot more in the obituary section. Thank you Ted Helm for the information and links.

I also received an email letting us know that Richard L. Barger passed away on October 16, 2016 in Titusville FL. Richard was the Chief Steward at MILA, I’ll have some more information in the obituary section.

You also may have heard through the news that we lost another astronaut, from Apollo 12 and Skylab, Alan Bean passed away May 26th 2018, and here is a link to more on the NASA web site.



May 25, 2018

I got a nice email from Cliff Benson who wanted to pass on that he appreciates the work that goes in to keeping the BFEC web site going. As I expressed to Cliff, I’m glad I have the opportunity to keep it going, I know my dad Gary would be happy I did.
Cliff did inquire about getting in contact with any of the folks he worked with at East Grand Forks MN, Santiago Chile, Quito Ecuador, Fort Myers FL and Saudi Arabia. I was able to provide an email for Jim Gersbach and Cliff did make contact with him. If anyone else wants to get in touch with Cliff, email me and I’ll provide his contact information.

I don’t have a master email list, but I do have a bunch, so if you are looking to get in contact with someone I would be happy to look and see what I might have, granted they at least 5 years old.

I received an email from Sharon Anthony and she wanted to pass on also a word of thanks for the work maintaining the BFEC website that many enjoy.  Sharon passed on several folks who are missing from the LOS page and provided a lot of information on their passing. Thank Sharon for everything and I’ll post the information on the appropriate pages.
Ida (Florilda) Millner Baker - Network Operations Engineer/DSN at Pasadena/Monrovia 
Billie “Bill” Jackson - RF Engineer at Goldstone Apollo site 
Victor “Vic” Sutton - Station Operations Technician/DSN at Goldstone Mars Site
Kathleen Thomas - Computer Technician and Console Operator/STDN at Goldstone Apollo Site and DSN Goldstone Mars Site
Sharon also mentioned to include Josie and Harry on emails as they are still at Goldstone and together we will keep you up-to-date with what we know about our friends.


May 15, 2018

I received several emails from family members requesting that their fathers be added to the web site. Thank you for the information and please let me know if someone you knew are or related too is not on the site, it may take me a few weeks to get them added, but I will.

Tom Coram contacted me to let me know his father Thomas Corman Sr passed away 8/27/2017 in Baltimore after an extended illness. Thomas worked at the space surveillance stations in Jordan, Alabama; Olney, Texas; and at Goldstone Tracking Station, I will have a link to his obituary in the obits page.

Greg Oslund also emailed me to inform me that his father was not listed either, Gordon Oslund passed away back in 2005. Gordon worked for BFEC at the Goldstone tracking facility 1962-1968. Prior to that he was in the Air Force stationed in Alaska on the White Alice early warning system.

Robin Dixon sent me an email to let us know that Donald R Crawford passed away 4/15/2018 in Catonsville MD. Don had worked in Columbia on the Lasers/VLBI contract and followed them to Goddard Corporate Park on the NMOS/CNMOS/NENS contracts. I will have some more obituary information on the obits page.

I got a nice email from Roger Corbet, he actually requested that I post the contents of the email in this section;
One of the last reunions we went was at Lake Havasu City AZ. My wife gave Jeanine Edmonson, she gave her one of her business cards.  About 2 weeks ago she called my wife to a great surprise.  She was wondering if we were still around. We lived in Owatonna MN at that time. We then moved to Hugo Mn. to help our daughter that had pancreatic cancer. She passed away about 4 ½ years ago, leaving 4 children. Then my problems started. I had a hernia operation that went well. Then about 2 months later I had a recheck of my Bladder Cancer. That was ok, but I got a sepsis infection, I just about died from that. I was in the hospital & nurse home for about 2 months. Then about 2 months later I had a brain operation, they put Stent from my head to my abdomen to drain extra fluid from the brain. This operation made my mind & my balance correct.  I am like a new person now.  I worked for Bendix in the 1960 in East Grand Forks, Quito, Madagascar. My email address is  and address 14589 Oakhill North, Scandia, MN  55073.




April 5, 2018

I received word that Abe Wilk passed away on March 28, 2018.  Abe was surrounded by family and passed away peacefully.  He and his wife Joyce celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary just the day before.   Abe was part of the Network Control Center “NASA Test Team”. Thank you Cathy Barclay for the information.

I also received information that Beulah Patz who typically went by Bea Baker passed away 3/15/2018 in Fargo ND. Bea worked for BFEC in Columbia MD, I’ll have a link in obituary section for more. Thank you Larry Elder for the information.



March 14, 2018

Louis Lombardi contacted me to let me know his father John L. Lombardi passed away on 3/8/2018. I don’t have many details yet, but I’ll pass it along when I do, thank you Louis for the notification.


March 12, 2018

I received word that John Ebaugh passed away 2/25/2018 on Brevard NC, thank you Lyle Wyant for the information.

I received a very nice letter from James Gersbach and he told me about the numerous connections he had with my father Gary going all the way back to their days in the Air Force at Wheelus AB and through the NESEA and compatibility test team, even a family connection back to Billings where Gary (and I) were born. Thank you very much for the letter and the contributions, I enjoyed it very much.

I also got an email from LE (Chip) Niebel checking in and letting me know about his time with BFEC including starting in Owings Mill and Goddard. Thank you Chip.


February 10, 2018

I received multiple notifications about the passing of Anthony “Tony” Begenwald on 2/4/2018 in Bowie MD. Tony was a past director of BFEC, I will have more information in the obituary section.

I also was notified that Eunice Odom passed away on 12/17/2017 in MD, she was former HR Administrator for Bendix, Allied-Signal, and Honeywell.

Thank you to all who sent in emails.


February 4, 2018

I received word that Don Henry passed away in NC on 1/6/2018. Don spent the majority of his career at Greenbelt MD until retiring in 1998 as COMS Manager, I’ll have a link on the obituary page for more information.

Sam Berger also passed away 1/10/2018 I believe in MD. Sam was a long time BFEC’er with assignments in many projects and locations, the obituary will have a link for more information.

Thanks Randy Coffman and Cliff Benson for the information.

The manned space world lost another pioneer, often referred to as NASA’s most experienced astronaut. John Young passed away 1/5/2018 after a battle with pneumonia, click here for a link to the NASA web page.

Ed Larson also checked in letting us know he enjoys the web site, but sad to see so many folks passing away. I could not agree more.


January 2, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I received a nice email from Glenn Smith who checked in and wanted pass on that he still alive and well and thanks for keeping the web site going. Glenn was with BFEC from 1966 to 1997 and worked in Canary Islands, Ascension, MILA, Goldstone, Alaska, Greenbelt and became acquainted with most of the BFEC personnel while serving as Manager, NASA Ground Satellite Tracking and Data Network. Glenn has been keeping busy since retiring including reunions with his old shipmates from the icebreaker USS Edisto AGB-2. Thanks Glenn for the email, good chatting with you.

I received news from Scott Crofoot that his father, Edward Crofoot passed away peacefully on December 23rd 2017 from Parkinson’s disease. Edward was a long time BFEC’er working from 1960 to 1991 on various assignments, I’ll have more posted in the obituary section. I have contact info for Scott if someone wants to get in touch with the family, email me and I’ll pass it on.

I got an email from David Gunther that Ernie Silvia passed away on 11/8/2016. Ernie worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center, Corpus Chrisite and the Rosman Research Station, I’ll have a link in the obituary section for more information. Thank you David for the information.

Don Zander emailed me yesterday letting me know that William Joseph (Bill) Agee passed away peacefully 12/20/2017, following a period of declining health. Bill was a former CEO of the Bendix Corporation and a resident of Helena CA. I’ll have a link on the obituary page for more, thanks Don for the information.


December 18, 2017

I received word that Pete Leatherwood passed away peacefully in the company of his family 12/8/2017 in South Bend IN. I’ll have a link in the obituary section, Pete spent 30+ years with BFEC.

John Geddings checked in to let us know that he is still kickin and enjoys the web site. John worked in Guaymas, MILA, GBI, Guam and lastly in Greenbelt and currently lives in Pelham, Alabama. Thanks John for checking in and if anyone wants to get in touch with John, email me and I’ll forward you his email address.


November 29, 2017

I received some updated information on John Jobes for those of you in the Waynesboro PA area who want to attend the services. I put the scheduled information on the obituary page under John’s name.

I received several emails in regards to the passing of another long time BFECer, Darrell Dotson who passed away on 10/26/2017 in North Tonawanda NY. Darrell was an avionics engineer through BFEC, Allied Signal and Honeywell.


November 27, 2017

I have a couple more passing’s to share, I received these just in the last few days.

John Jobes passed away 11/20/2017 in Fayetteville PA after a long illness. John spent his entire BFEC career on NASA Manned Space projects with assignments at Wallops Island, NTTF and off -site locations at GSFC.  He had a significant role in the design and final layout of the BFEC/Allied Signal Aerospace building built near GSFC.

Edward Moritz passed away peacefully in his sleep on 6/30/2017 after many years of fighting cancer. Ed He worked in Columbia HQ as well as White Sands.


November 22, 2017

Once again the web site hosting company pulled some more tricks, but thankfully for my son Carson who helped me through the problems, I am able to update the web site again. I am in the process of switching to a new web host and will try and make the transition seamless.

I have received emails informing us that a few more folks ave passed away.

Cathy Smith passed away 11/15/2017 in Pasadena MD. Cathy was a 46 year veteran of BFEC the majority of it in Columbus MD.

Earl Peterson of Albuquerque NM passed away 11/2/2017, Earl worked in Madagascar and Goldstone.

Cramer Bacque passed away 10/24/2017 in York PA. Cramer was a 34 year veteran of BFEC and was the VP/Director of Marketing for BFEC.

I will have some more information on the on the obituary page.


October 30, 2017

I have received several emails in regards to the passing of long time BFECers.

Herbert Small passed away October 04, 2017 at his home in Pasadena MD. Herb was a 35 year veteran of BFEC with multiple assignments around the world with the last 22 years at Goddard.

John David (JD) Lynn passed away last week (unknown exact day) after a long illness. JD was on the Vanguard as well as at Ascension and several other locations. I don’t have anything further at this time.

Klaus Kirkemeyer October 16, 2017 passed away after a battle with cancer, from what I know Klaus was at NTTF, Bermuda, Goldstone.

Gary Rades passed away October 03, 2017 in King WI. Gary was in Quito and Merritt Island.

Thanks to all who emailed me with the information.

I received an email from George Karras who his helping Ed Fendall. Ed is a retired Houston flight controller is in need of pictures from the old Gemini tracking stations of the Flight control consoles.  These consoles were used by Houston flight controller on station during Gemini missions. Any one that still has any pictures please email me and I’ll pass on Ed’s email address.


September 22, 2017
I received an email from Cathy Barclay about the retirement of Gary Morse. Gary is retiring after 40 years; here is her email and contact info for anyone who wishes to attend. I did not post JoAnn’s phone number, but if you need it email me and I’ll pass it on.

I thought I would share that Gary Morse is retiring from NASA after 40 years. He also worked with BFEC from 1972-1977. Many BFEC/ATSC/HTSI folks worked with Gary in Human Space Flight and worked all 135 Shuttle missions alongside him.

A retirement party is planned for Gary on Fri Sep 29 3-7pm at the Goddard Space Flight Center Rec Center. Please share the invitation. To attend people can contact JoAnn Brasted Phone (number upon request).

Cathy Barclay
BFEC/ATSC/HTSI 1985-2008

As for any other news, I don’t have anything else. Have a great weekend!


September 4, 2017

I have received word of the passing of Philip C. Bealing, Phil worked at Bermuda, on an Air Force contract, and at Wallops. He overcame non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his 20’s while in Bermuda. Cancer returned in September 2016 and he passed on July 28, 2017. Thank you Patricia Peskett and Klaus Kerkemeyer for the information, I’ll put a link on the obit page for more.

Ed Weibe sent an email advising that he knew three folks from GSFC/Bldg 14 that passed away and are not on the memorial page. Skip McKensie, Ed (Tex) Tutas and Bertrum (Wes) Shirley passed away years ago, the dates and locations are not available at this time. Thank you Ed for the information.

Terry Scheidt checked in again, he is looking for Hank Schutzbier. Terry advised that Hank worked at Tern Island with Bill Wood, if anyone has contact information email me and I’ll get it to Terry.

I received an email from Ron McBride, Ron said that he found the web site and it reminded him of a time back in the late 60’s when he made to Madagascar and was able to visit the station. Thanks Ron for the email.

I received another email from William Leighton, the son of Robert (Bob) Leighton who also found the web site. Bob is now retired in VA and if anyone wants to contact him email me and I’ll pass it on.

Madeline Adams checked in after doing research on NASA and its history with her 12 year old daughter. Madeline also found another web site that she wanted to pass on for more history on NASA, if you are interested click here and will also put a link on the “links” page.

Robert Burgess checked in with a correction to the Bermuda page, one of the links was not correct, all is fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out and if anyone else finds bad links let me know.


July 6th, 2017

First I have to apologize for the long delay in updating the web site, never seems to be enough time in my day to get all the things done I want to.

Dick Brown sent me an email letting us know that he saw on Facebook that George Baxter passed away, I could not find much else on George. Dick did pass on that George worked at Guaymas and Greenbelt. Thank you Dick for the info.

Terry Scheidt has sent a couple emails, Terry passed on that he has cancer related to his work in the early sixties while working with the DOD at Johnston Island. Terry has been trying every avenue to obtain benefits from BFEC and other Government agencies with no luck. If anyone has more information on BFEC benefits, please email me and I will forward to Terry.

Chuck Liptak passed on that Pete Pataro was not listed on the site and that Pete passed away a few years back. I checked around the inner-net and could not much on Pete. I’ll update the site to show Pete, if anyone has more information let me know.


June 19th, 2017
I have received word that Glendon Nitz “Glen” passed away 5/13/2017. Glen was an employee at GSFC and at BFEC/ATSC Headquarters for 20+ years. I’ll have more in the obituary section.

Robert Frazier “Bobby” passed away 5/25/2017; Bobby worked at Goddard as well as JPL, with assignments in Maryland, California, Australia and Saudi Arabia. A link to the full obit will be listed on the obituary page.
Thanks Jim Brophy for the information.

Joe St John emailed me to let me know that Mike Hogan passed away a few years ago in TN, Joe was able to find the link to the obituary that I’ll post in that section. Mike worked at Goddard Space Flight Center in the 90s and early 2000s and in the Network Support Team (NST) and prior to that at one of the remote sites. Mike retired to Benton, TN and passed away 2/24/2013. Thank you Joe for the info.

I received an email that Richard Hynson (also known as Dick, Gerry, Butch) passed away 1/18/2017 in Rock Hall MD. I don’t have a lot of information on his BFEC career, but I will have a link to his obit link on the obituary page. Thanks Bill Wells for the email.


April 13th, 2017

I received news that Sam Milburn passed away Friday 3/31/2017. Sam worked with BFEC on the USNS Vanguard and Ascension Island.  After a stint at GSFC he transferred to MILA and retired there as an engineer. He was a proud US Navy Veteran of the Vietnam War. I will have a link to his obit on the obituary page. Thank you Gloria Kovalchik for the information.


March 29th, 2017

I received news that Fred Pifer passed away 3/11/2017 at his home in Bowie MD.  Fred was well known and I received several emails in regards to Fred history with BFEC. Thank you Robin Dixion and Randy Coffman among many others for the information. Fred was known for his outstanding support to NASA and in particular HSF (Human Space Flight) for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station made an impact for which the agency is grateful. Fred was also the originator of the “TDRS Chart” also known as the “Pifer Chart” which shows TDRS status and mapping to SGLT.

I also got an update to Don Canuel’s service which will be at Glen Burnie Lodge, 11 Crain Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD, this Saturday April 1, 2017 at 2pm. Thank you Larry Hare for the update.

I got an email from Gwendolyn Manchester that contained some photos from the early 60’s about the Mercury Project. I will be doing some updates soon to some of the parts of the web site and adding some pictures and information I have received over the last year. Thank you Gwendolyn and stay tuned.

I received an email from Joanna Spencer informing us that her husband George had passed away 2/4/2017 after a long battle with Parkinson’s. Our condolences Joanna and I have the obituary you attached and I will post it in the obituary section.

I also received a picture from Clifford Benson that shows several BFEC folks that I will attempt to add to the site in the next update, thanks Clifford.


March 8th, 2017

In case you missed it, the web site was down for about 10 days, but as you can hopefully see, it’s alive again.
The web host/email/domain is done through, I thought I had it all on automated renew every year, but as I have learned the domain was not. The invoice I received from Atlantic indicated all was paid, but nothing worked. So after 2 weeks of emails and some phone calls I got it back up. Pass on to other folks that all should be up and if anyone experiences a problem let me know.

I have received news that Don Canuel passed away 2/27/2017 in Supply NC at the age of 78. Don’s family and friends are hosting a small gathering March 11th at the American Legion in Calabash NC which north of Myrtle Beach area. The address for the Legion is 10277 Beach Drive, Calabash, NC. There will also be a service April 1st in Maryland. I’ll have a link to the obituary on the obits page. Thank you Robin Vaughn and Larry Hare for the information.

I got an email from Joe Cantrell who noted that a BFEC’er Danny F. McKinley passed away 2/4/2015 and was not listed on the web site. Joe was nice enough to write an obituary for Danny which I will post on the obits page as well as on the memorial page. Thank you Joe.

I have received news that Joe Johnson passed away 2/14/2017. Joe was recovering from a stroke but contacted pneumonia that ultimately took him. Joe worked Deep Space Network at JPL and was also at Goddard. Thanks Earl Lobdell and Dan Kiewicz for the information.

I received an email from George Johnson that Grady Floyd passed away in October of 2016, I don’t have much more detail on Grady. Thanks George for the information.

With that, if you happen to know of anyone who worked for BFEC and is not listed let me know, and the more information you can provide the better.


February 8th, 2017

I have received word that Russell Luke Lutz (Russ) passed away a few days ago in Annapolis MD after a long brave battle with cancer. I will have a link on the obituary page.

I received an email from Jeff Price letting me know he found the web site and wanted to pass along thanks for maintaining it. Howard Price, Jeff’s father worked for Bendix Field Engineering for many years, mostly from GSFC, but he traveled all over the world supporting the MSFN. Howard was a Sr. Field Engineer and he loved his work. Howard also worked in the Canary Islands and spent time in Ecuador as well. Howard passed away November 23, 2007. Thank you Jeff for the email.


January 19, 2017

Happy New Year

I received an email from Terry Kierans about a web site dedicated to the NASA Carnarvon Tracking Station in Australia. Click here to visit the web site, I also add a link in the links page, thank you Terry for the information.

I have received emails about several folks who have passed, I’ll post more information on the obit page. Bill Herndon, Bob Orff, Carl Arborgast and Bob Gibson, you will be missed, rest in peace.

Update** Received updated service info for Bill Herndon, see the obituary page.

We also lost the last man to walk on the moon, Eugene Cernan. The NASA web site has a nice tribute to the astronaut.


December 9th, 2016

With the holidays in full swing I’ll keep it short, thankfully I have received no news of anyone from BFEC passing. However we did lose a giant in the space program and a great American, John Glenn. The NASA web site has a nice dedication to the man who was one of the original seven astronauts, rest in peace John, your legacy will live forever. NASA John Glenn link.

I received an email from Philip Clark about a new book that is being put together about the little known aspect of Australia’s role in manned spaceflight tracking. The new book will be called “The Final Orbit”, see this link for more and if you want to make a donation to support the book. I also put a link on the “Links” page for the book.

Lyle Wyant checked in to say hi and update his email address. Thank you Lyle and if anyone wants to contact Lyle, email me and I will pass it on.

I also received an email from Dwight Baker who provided information about the SAFE Project. SAFE stands for “San Andreas Fault Experiment” and was two Laser systems at Quincy CA and Mt. Otay near San Diego CA. The project would bounce a laser beam off a satellite to measure CA plates in order to predict earthquakes. Dwight also included a picture of some of the site which you can see here.



November 17th, 2016

Just a quick update, I received word right after I done the last update that Richard Badger passed away October 16, 2016 in Titusville FL. I will have a link to his obituary in the obit section.

I received a nice email from Edward Lawson. Ed worked with BFEC on the MSFN 1965-1981, Guaymas, Vanguard and Columbia, missions Gemini IV up to the first Shuttle Launch. Since then Ed mostly worked in Alaska until his retirement in 2013. Ed now splits his time between the Houston suburb of Katy, their place in Argentina (the Vanguard stayed there a year in 1973, and Ed acquired a wife and second home). Thanks Ed for checking in and the email.

I also heard from Robin Dixon who responded to the request about what happened to the equipment after the Bermuda Station closed. Thanks Robin for the information and I forwarded it to Calvin and Bob.



November 7th, 2016

Sorry for the extended delay in updating the web site, my job had a few changes and now takes even more of my time. At any rate on with the latest news:

I have one notice of a passing, Leonard George Little, Sr (Len) passed away September 24, 2016 at his home in Glen Rock, PA. I will have a link to his obituary on the obit site. Len was well known, I have received numerous emails from folks about his passing, thanks Ralph Shiflett and Larry Elder Hare for the obituary information.

I have received a lot of email lately, great to have folks check in.

Calvin Simons (Cal) sent me a message about working at Coopers Island NASA Tracking Station in Bermuda during the Gemini, & Apollo missions (1960s-1970s era) and he was employed by BFEC and worked in Acq Aid, Telemetry, PCM, & 1218 Computers. Cal as well as Bob Burgess are trying to put together a museum about the Bermuda Station and looking for anyone who may have knowledge of where any of the equipment used may have ended up. If you can help Cal or Bob send me an email and will forward it to them.

John Adams emailed me about his activities since retiring in 1996 and enjoying 15 years of retirement with his wife Gail until her passing. Since then John has been traveling and playing golf, good to hear from you John and thanks for the note.

Jerry Ricks checked in and passed on his history with BFEC, great email Jerry thank you. Jerry still has a lot of contacts, so if you need to get in touch with Jerry email me and I will get it to him.

Harley Crain checked in inquiring about the next reunion. I have not heard anything yet, stay tuned the great folks who put that together will be letting me know whenever it starts to develop.

Terry from Hawaii emailed me, unfortunately his situation is not good news. Terry was part of the team stationed at Johnston Island and was exposed to radiation and has fallen ill. There is the DOL/DOE EEOICPA Act which provides benefits to Department of Energy employees but has not recognized contractors. Terry continues his efforts to get benefits and if you have any information that can help him please email me and I will forward to Terry. Good luck Terry.

Brenda Hanrahan contacted me and provided a link to the obituary for Sue (Phyllis) Jeffries who worked with her at BFEC in Columbia MD. Thank you Brenda and will get the web site updated.

I received an email from Michelle Moline in regards to looking for her half-brother. If you were stationed in Alaska in mid-70’s, in particular Fairbanks at the NASA NOAA satellite facility and knew Jerry Evans or Donald Moline please email me and I will put you in contact with Michelle.

The last item I have to pass on is in reference to donations. I have received numerous emails about donating to my efforts or to the web site in order to maintain the site. I have avoided the issue since I took over several years ago, but some folks really feel that want to donate. The cost of keeping the web site up amounts to about $150.00 a year. I am going to keep the web site regardless, I enjoy helping the BFECer’s that use the site as well as the tribute to my dad and the work he did.
So if you want to donate, just for maintenance and cost of the site send a check to the following:
Scott Schulz
PO Box 10690
Brooksville, FL 34603


September 26, 2016

I don’t have much news to report on and only one passing.

Claudia Bradbury passed away 9/15/2016 after being admitted to hospice in Ft Myers FL. Claudia was part of BFEC for many years as an employee and family member. I have known Claudia since I was a child in Madgar and she has been a family friend ever since. Rest in peace Claudia.
Thank you Don and Teresa for the information.


August 25, 2016

I have several updates on Murray Weingarten, the actual date of his passing was Tuesday, August 23, 2016.

I have the obituary and will post that in the obituary section. I also received dates for the viewing /service:

Viewing will be Sunday August 28th, 5 to 7 PM, Witzke's Family Funeral Home, 4112 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City MD 21043.
“A Service of Witness to the Resurrection” will be on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. at First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, 9325 Presbyterian Circle, Columbia, MD 21045.

Please remember Murray's wife, Shirley, and daughter, Betsy in your prayers.


August 24, 2016

I received word that Murray Weingarten passed away Monday night August 22, 2016 at Howard County Hospital in Columbia MD. For those who follow the web site you know that Murray has had a long hard fight, rest in peace.
Murray Weingarten retired in August 1989 after 40 years with BFEC -- the last 16 as president and chief executive officer.
I don’t have details about any arrangements at this time, I will post them as soon as I know.


August 18, 2016

I received word that Jerry Evans passed away in Fairbanks AK, July 28, 2016. Jerry was a PMEL (Test Equipment Tech) in Fairbanks, AK at NASA’s tracking station (ULA) and retired in 1986. I will attach the link in the obituary section, Jerry had quite a story.

I also received an update on Richard Powell’s obituary and added it in the obituary section.

I had several folks check in, it’s really great to hear that they found the web site and enjoy it.

Donna Fichter checked in from Tampa FL, Donna started with BFEC in 1968 and retired in 1998, but still is currently working (part-time) at Nortrax as the President’s assistant.

Pete Conway sent me an email, Pete started out with BFEC at Blossom Point in 1980 and moved on the NRL.  Pete left BFEC/Allied Signal in 1996 and moved to Huntsville, Al and worked for several companies on NASA (Space Station) and DoD projects.  Pete now works on the PATRIOT missile program for a company called KRB that recently bought Honeywell Technology Solutions (what used to be BFEC).

Speaking of that, Louis Johnson sent me an email with the link to KBR that shows that they did indeed acquire Honeywell (HTSI). Click here for more.

Martin (Marty) Hailey checked in, Marty let me know that he will be turning 80 this December but is still working full time at Goddard as a QA Engineer and bravely fighting the 3 hour round trip traffic battle between Maryland and DC. God bless you Marty and good luck.

Howard Engle sent me a quick note that he has changed his email address, so if anyone was trying to contact him and its getting rejected, let me know and I will send you his new email.

Karl Brewer sent an email, he was trying to get a hold of Jim Brophy. I was able to provide that to him and as we say in the cop business, “assistance rendered”.

Brenda Hanrahan (former Brenda Lee Pickett) sent a thank you for keeping the web site up and running. I pass a big “thank you” back to you Brenda and all the folks who check in and let me know you do enjoy the site. Brenda also wanted to pass on that she noticed Wynona G. Smith was not listed on the LOS page. Wynona passed away in Knoxville, TN on 7/20/2014 at the age of 92. Wynona retired from BFEC in Columbia MD where she worked with Brenda. I will have her obituary linked on obits page.

Thanks again for all the emails



July 26, 2016

Word just in that Rick Powell was in hospice for liver failure and passed away Sunday night 7/24/2016. Some folks are trying to reach Bob Allison in reference to Rick’s passing, if you know how to reach Bob let me know email and I will forward it.

I also got an email from the folks in contact with Murray and there has been no change in his status.



July 13, 2016

I apologize for the delay in updating the web site, the first part of summer is always a busy time for me.
I have received emails about the passing of several folks;

Bill Worlow 82, passed away 7/2/2016 in Titusville FL after battling pancreatic cancer. Bill was a long time BFEC’er retiring from MILA.

Pat Quimby passed away 6/8/2016 in Laurel MD, Pat worked for BFEC for 35 years.

Tony Massiminni passed several years ago on 10/6/2014 I believe in MD. I don’t have much else on Tony.

In other news, I received an email from Teresa and Don Murray, they passed on that Claudia Bradbury had heart surgery for blockage, all appears to have gone good, and she is expected to make a full recovery.

I received an email from John Kovac. John started in 1972 at Goldstone Apollo with Skylab as a UHF Command tech and transferred to MILA in 1974.  John also worked at MILA as a Data Tech, Data Engineer, Data Supervisor, IT, Site Quality Rep and other duties until the end of shuttle until they closed MILA. Thanks John for the email and picture, I will attempt to get that added on site at some point.

I also got an email form Kevin Wick who currently works SatCom for the Navy. Kevin is looking for anyone who knew his father Roy Wick in particular the time frame of 1968 to 1971 in Madgar. If you knew Roy send me an email and I will pass on Kevin’s contact information.

I received an email from Barbara Guy who is currently working at Global Monitoring and Control Center (GMaCC) at Wallops Island Flight Facility (since 2012). Barbara was hired into BFEC at MILA, KSC, FL on 17 May 1978, worked her way from Switchboard Operator to Teletype Operator to Recorder Tech to PCM tech and ended on 2 September 2011 (closing of the site) as Chief Data Technician, supporting all 135 Space Shuttle missions. Barbara found the web site and wanted to pass on how she has enjoyed it. Barbara was married to the late Bill Moorhead a 49 year veteran of BFEC/NASA. Thank you for the great email Barbara.

As always, thanks for the emails, Randy Coffman, Jim Brophy, Ted Helm, Don Zander, Glen Smith, Larry Elder Hare and others help me on regular basis.


May 18, 2016

I have received several emails this month about some more passings.

Dan Wyczalek passed away 5/7/2016 in MD after a long battle with cancer.

Therlo “Bud” Branscum passed away 3/9/2016 in Troy MO.

Larry E. Parker passed away I believe in Barstow CA, I don’t have much more detail at this time.

Fred Emmel passed away, I don’t have any further information.

Edna Bacque passed away 5/10/2016 from a heart attack in York, PA ( obituary ). Edna is the wife (63 years) of Cramer Bacque. I have contact information if anyone needs it, send me an email and I will pass it on.

Thank you to Michael Rowe, Josephine Ada, Mike Goldberg, Vic Eckman and Larry Elder Ware (who just had to put his faithful dog “Sunnie” down after a long life), for all the information about the folks who have passed on.

I received an email from Suzanne Sandersen about a web site she uses to help find government and legal information. Suzanne suggested that I add it to the “Links” page and after review I agreed, nice site. The link is labeled


Apr 20, 2016

It’s been a stretch since I have done an update, fortunately there has been little news to report.

I have received some emails in the last week that we have lost a few members;

Al Fong passed away 4/17/2016 in Guam, I received an email directly from the family that I’ll post the details in the obituary section. I also received multiple emails about the passing of Al, he will be missed by many.

Kevin McCarthy passed away on 4/12/2016, in Annapolis MD. Kevin had worked with numerous Bendix related contracts over the years and was involved with the CNMOS/CSOC/NENS/SCNS contracts over the last couple of decades.

Kenneth L. Kodak passed away 2/28/2016 in Bataan Philippines.

I received an email from Lloyd Beaulieu who wanted to pass on the following information about some folks that passed away. Lloyd said that three of his former colleagues at MILA have passed.
Ruth Shipman who was a teletype operator at MILA died a few years back while back home in New York, this was after she quit her job with BFEC. Next was Gloria Phillips. She was a tty operator also, she was laid off and later rehired by BFEC as a security guard at MILA.  She retired a few years ago. Just recently, Rosita Saunders, wife of Preston Saunders, worked at MILA for years,  just passed away. I don't have any details surrounding their passing.
Thank you Lloyd for the email and information.

Edgar Stanley sent me an email with information and some video links about Antofagasta Tracking Station. I have some of the information and will work on getting some of that up on the web site.
Thanks Edgar.

Mike Goldberg sent an email letting me know that he enjoys the web site. Mike was a 25 year employee and retired in 1987. Mike was also looking for an email address for Ralph Shiflett, if anyone has contact information for Ralph, email me and I will forward that to Mike.
Thank you Mike for the email.

I continue to get updates on Murray who is still not showing any signs of improvement.


Feb 18, 2016

I have received several death notifications in the last couple weeks, I will post what information I have in the obits section along with any links I have found. Thanks to Bernie Ochmann, Brian Morrison, Dick Brown, Kenneth Clark and William Weaver for the information.

Joseph Morrison passed away on 9/14/2014 in Toms River NJ.

Doug Grove passed away on 2/3/2016 in Severn MD.

Al Adkins passed away, I don’t have much detail or an exact date, but believe it was in 2014.

Edgar Mitchell passed away on 2/4/2016 in West Palm Beach FL, although not a BFEC member, Edgar was an astronaut who was on Apollo 14 that went to the moon. I’m sure we have some folks who worked with or knew Edgar. This is the link to the NASA site that has more information

Some other news:

Dennis Schehl checked in with some information on old advertisement for BFEC engineers. The advertisement is currently on Ebay for sale, I didn’t want to post the ad on the web site due to possible copyright issues, but click here for the Ebay site.

Brian Morrison sent me an email looking for more information about his father Joseph Morrison who passed away in 2014. Joseph worked on Apollo 11 as well as the Passive Seismic Experiments Package left on Tranquility Base. Joseph worked with Wayne Cocayne(passed away) and Richard Hansen, if anyone has more information about Joseph or Richard and wants to contact Brian please email me and I will get the information to Brian.

I got a nice email from Bernie Ochmann who worked on the DLM Team for 10 years as well as various other contracts. Thanks for checking Bernie.


Jan 26, 2016

I just received news that Charlie Koonze passed away 12/15/2015 at the Veterans Hospital in West Haven, CT. Charlie worked in the Tananarive, Madagascar NASA Facilities Department as an air conditioning tech during the early 70's. Charlie also worked in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Pacific and Antarctica. I will have Charlie’s obit linked in the obituary section. Thanks to Bill Kaupelis for passing on the news.


Jan 24, 2016

Not a lot of good news to pass on this update. Larry Hare passed on two messages for the site, thanks Larry.
Update on Murray Weingarten is not much has changed; he does not communicate and sleeps most of the time. Shirley is holding up ok, but keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Larry also let me know that Bill Gill passed away in MD on January 20, 2016 at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, Bill was 82. I will have a link to his obituary on obits page


Jan 10, 2016

Happy New Year, I hope all had a great Christmas and happy holidays.

First off I made a typo on the last update, Ken Lavery is the correct spelling, not Ken Harvey, sorry about that Ken.

I got a very nice email from James Joseph (Capt Jamus) who is currently enjoying his retirement sailing around the world. Jamus said that he worked with my father Gary on the SOSUS contract in Norfolk as well Goldstone DSN contract and assignments in California, Maryland, Virginia, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, South Korea and Thailand before retiring in 2004 after 27 years. Thank you Capt and enjoy your sailboat. I have Jamus’s email if anyone would like to make contact with him let me know.

Maurice Allen Valkema, from Stockton, CA sent a nice email looking for some more information about his father Maurice John Valkema and family’s time in Madagascar. Maurice and I are the same age and were in Madagascar during the same time (1968 to 1970/71) so I’m sure my dad and his did worked together. If you remember the Valkema family and want to contact them, send me an email and I will forward that to Maurice.

I have received notice that Frederick MacInnis passed away 12/19/2015, there is a long obituary for Fred and I’ll have a link in the obituary section. Thanks Jim Brophy and Chuck Edmonson for the information.

I also was informed that Brian N. Helland passed away 12/18/2015. I will have a link to Brian’s obituary on the obit page. Thank you to whoever sent me this information, the email got corrupted and all I was able to retrieve was the link to Brian’s obituary.


Dec 17, 2015

Just a quick update in all the busy that the holidays bring.

Martin Hailey checked in to say hi and to let us know that at the age of 78 he still is working full time. Martin spent 18 years on the Hubble Telescope and now 5 years on the James Webb Space Telescope at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Thanks for the email Martin.

Ken Harvey also checked in and wanted to let me know that he worked with my dad Gary at Greenbelt CTV. Ken retired after 33 years with the company. Hello Ken and thanks for the email.

Unless something major pops up, I’ll sign off until the New Year and enjoy the rest of the holidays with family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Nov 24, 2015

I have received news that two more folks have passed away. Richard Strand passed away
11/20/2015 in Anchorage AK. Richard worked in Fairbanks at NASA/NOAA tracking station.
Gene Sax passed away 11/7/2015 in Banning CA. Gene worked at JPL.

With that, be thankful for the folks we still have and remember those who left too soon.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Nov 15, 2015

An update on the passing of Steve Edwards, a correction on date, 11/3/2015 is correct, I also received Steve’s obituary from Randy Coffman, thank you.

I ran across a link to hundreds of Apollo pictures, some really interesting photos.
Click here to view.



Nov 8, 2015
I just received word that Harrol Holden passed away on 10/28/2015 in Tucson AZ. Harrol worked at Merritt Island and was the USB group leader in Guaymas, Mexico during the years of 1965-1970. I’ll post his obituary on the Obit page.


Nov 6, 2015
I have a few items to mention form the last reunion.

First a big thank you to Dan Kovalchik for autographed copies of “Range Rats at Sea” and “The Devil’s Ash Pit” that he gave me at the reunion. I was very nice to meet Dan and his wife Gloria. I have links to Dan’s books if anyone is interested in getting a copy, you can also go to the web page directly via this link -

My mother Jane also passed on the “Ole BFEC’er Song” that has been sung a reunions in the past. She had a typed version from Claudia Bradbury that she sent me, please click here to view.

Bill Kaupelis sent me some more pictures that I have posted on the 2015 reunion page, I also added a page for the 2015 attendance list, click here to view.

I received several emails this month, one was from Scott Crofoot, who passed on a picture of his father Ed Crofoot working at the “Echo” site at Goldstone tracking station in California. Scott also passed on that Ed got to be part of the "never forgotten honor flight" on which he and about 60 other veterans flew to Washington DC to view the war memorials on the Mall and Arlington national cemetery. Thanks Scott for the email, and I’ll get the picture up here in the very near future. **Update** Picture is up, make sure to refresh the page.

My son Carson passed on an old Bendix Corp stock report from 1964 that he found at his old job prior to heading off to college. He worked at Habitat for Humanity and found this in some items that an unknown person had donated. I thought some folks might get a kick out of it, click here to see it.

I have received information on two more losses; I don’t have any obituary information yet.

Steve Edwards passed away 11/4/2015 in NC after battling cancer over the last year. Steve was a long time BFEC’er.

Al Kamosa passed away 9/17/2015 in New Port Richey, FL after battling pneumonia. I was contacted by his ex-wife Glenda after she heard through family members. Al was in Quito from 1967-1970 and then returned to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Thank you Glenda for the email.


Oct 23, 2015

I have created a page for the pictures from the 2105 BFEC reunion, please click the above link. Thanks to Bill Kaupelis and Darlene for some the pictures.

The 2015 BFEC Reunion Page

Oct 22, 2015
I’m finally back after a very busy couple of weeks, including the reunion. I got to put some faces with emails, sure was nice to meet everyone, in a couple cases to see folks I haven’t probably seen in 40 years.
I am working on a page to post the reunion pictures I took as well as a few other folks who attended. If you did attend and want to pass on some pictures for the site email them to me and I’ll add them.

A big thank you to all those who were involved in putting on the reunion, especially Darlene.

Several folks checked in since the last update, a few folks are looking for some old friends, if you can help them please email me and I’ll pass on the information.

Chuck Fralick (Charlie Fralick’s son) checked in looking for a Fritz Ampstberg (may be misspelled). Fritz may not have been Bendix, but was connected to the government. If you know Fritz or want to contact Chuck, email me.

Steven Gollery, the son of Tom Gollery checked in to say hi and that he is looking for the Mitchell family who were in Quito in the late 60’s and later in Maryland. Dave Mitchell, his wife Patsy, and son Larry, Steve is trying to locate Larry, if you have any information to pass on send it to me and I’ll get it to Steve. Steve currently works for the TDRS program in Las Cruces, NM.

Mark Smith sent me an email, Mark is a second generation BFECer following his father Donald who was a VP and worked out of Houston. Mark also worked in Houston at Mission Control under the STSOC contract and later with Lockheed. Thanks Mark for the nice email.

Latest Passing’s;
Irvin Ward passed away 10/6/2015 in Missouri. Irv worked at ULA (Alaska) and MILA (Merritt Island).

Ron LaBrosse passed away 9/26/2015 in May’s Landing, NJ. Ron worked at Quito 1963-1965, Goldstone MSFN 1965-1972.

Donald Earl Clark passed away 9/11/2015 in Merritt Island, Don worked at MILA


Sep 25, 2015
I got word late, after I done yesterday’s update, that we lost two more, I don’t have much detail at this time.
Arnold Dwork died September 4, 2015.  
James Stefanoff died September 23, 2015
Both worked at MILA in RF section for many years until retirement.


Sep 24, 2015

I have a group of folks who checked in to say hi and pass on information and some pictures.

I have received several emails from Terry Scheidt, Terry ran the communications at Johnston from 1962 through 1963 and also worked at Kaneohe in the Crypto Message center as watch supervisor. Terry also asked about a union that some BFEC employees may have been a part of, if anyone has information on said union let me know and I’ll get it out. I had several folks ask about the union and I have no information.

Bill & Lydia Kaupelis sent a nice email with updated email and mentioned that they look forward to the reunion. Thank you and I plan on being there and meeting you as well as many others.

Randy Goodwin checked in with an updated email. Randy worked for BFEC for 16 years, at Quito for 8 years, Madagascar, Owings Mills (for a couple of weeks), Goddard and Columbia MD. Thank you Randy.

Elisa Negroni (former Elisa Cuesta) wanted to pass on that she found the web site. Elisa was married to Tony Cuesta and were at Madagascar in the late 60’s. Elisa would like to re-connect with any other folks who were also in Madagascar, I have her contact information, so email me and I will pass it on.

Speaking of Madagascar, I also received an email from Colette Henriette who was married to the late Charlie Henriette who passed away in 1990. Colette is French and a native of Madagascar and met her husband Charles when he worked for Bendix in Tananarive. Charlie was part of the PHILCO crew which installed the 40-foot antenna, after that assignment Bendix hired him.  French was his native tongue so, in addition to his job as technician, Ches Cunningham asked him to do some public relations work, including a traveling exhibition of man space arty facts in Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa and Tamatave. Colette would love to hear from anyone who knew Charlie, if you wish to contact her email me and I will pass it on.

I also got an email from Samuel Baugh, aka Shotgun Sam, I like this guy already. Sam passed on his email as well as some very nice pictures of Mt Cotopaxi which is near the Quito Tracking station. I spent 6 years in Quito and have many memories of that beautiful volcano, including a very memorable fishing trip with Dad and a bunch of BFEC guys that was very near the base of that mountain. Good times, and thank you Sam for the email.

Bob Swartz and Jeana Hill sent an email about a 60th anniversary of Naval Research Lab’s Blossom Point Tracking Facility (BPTF). I will paste in a portion of the email, if you can help Bob and Jeana, email me and I will pass on their contact information. From email; I am the current government spectrum and ground station hardware manager for Naval Research Lab’s Blossom Point Tracking Facility. Yes, we are still alive and thriving and we are proud to be the nation’s first tracking facility.  I am writing to see if you could get the word out to the gray beards that had worked here in the past so that we could talk to them about their story while here at BPTF. We are preparing for the site’s 60th anniversary celebration and would like to present a grand history display and discussion of the place. If you have a way to get the word out I would appreciate it those folks would contact myself and Jean Hill.

I have also received a message that Keith Hawkins passed away 8/23/2015, I have no other details at this time.

Just a reminder that the reunion is right around the corner, I look forward to being there at meeting everyone.

For anyone wishing to contact me, this is my web site email.


Aug 24, 2015
I received word that Alfred V. Norman passed away on February 1, 2015, not details yet.

Reunion News; Darlene put out a message as follows: Are you aware of any former BFEC family members? If so, please contact me so that I can get them the information on the upcoming Reunion in Florida!!
Reminder to send in your reservations and book your hotel room for the upcoming BFEC Reunion.  If you need specific information sent again, please let me know!! Regards, Darlene. Click here for reunion page

On a personnel note, my son Carson started college today, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. His major will be Software Engineer. His mother Karen, myself and I’m sure somewhere his granddad Gary are very proud. Good Luck Son!!



Aug 19, 2015
I have received several emails in the last couple weeks from folks checking in.

Larry Mello checked in from Summerville, SC to say hi and let me know he enjoys the web site. Larry worked in Bermuda, Wallops Island and Greenbelt MD.

Richard Lahaye checked in responding to the inquiry I put out trying to update my email list. Richard worked Bermuda radars.

Frank Bowen checked in, sending me an email about Richard Doell and the request from Richard’s daughter Anna for more information. Frank was able to provide some history that I’m sure the family will be happy to hear.

David Jorgensen checked in from Eden Prairie MN providing his email address. David worked Tananarive and Santiago and later started his own tool company that was later purchased by Bendix.

Ronald Hansen checked in requesting some information. Ronald worked with Robert Franklin in Santiago Chile from 1968 to 1970 for Bendix at the NASA tracking station. Another friend who also worked there has asked me to find out any info on Robert and Gerta Franklin. She was from Germany. Anyone who has info if Bob is still living or whether he has passed away is appreciated. Email me at webtek and I will forward the information to Ronald.

Thank all of you for checking in.


Jul 29, 2015
I received an email from Lynn Weeks, the daughter of Dave Ginavan, who attached Dave’s obituary. Please see the obituary page for the link. The family has planned a memorial celebration of life for Dave at the family home at 3376 N. Mills Avenue, Claremont, CA on Saturday August 15, 2015 from 4pm-7pm.

Lynn also let me know that G.W. "Rod" Roderick, passed away July 20, 2015 at his home.  Rod was living in Las Cruces, NM with his wife Alba. I have a link to his obituary on the obituary page.


Jul 25, 2015
I have received several emails letting us know that we lost several more folks.

Ronald Pollard “Blackie” passed away 7/22/2015 at his home in Westminster, MD.

Elaine Bowers passed away 6/26/2015 also in the Westminster area, after a battle with cancer.

Johanna Richards, the wife of Ed Richards (deceased), passed away recently I don’t know have much detail at this time. There is a gathering July 26th, see obituary page for details.

I will post what information I have on the obituary page for all these folks, thank you to all who sent in information.

One that note, I want people who may not know that sending me a death notification does not do anything officially. The web site “” is not part of Bendix, Allied Signal, NASA, Honeywell or another entity. The site was started by my father Gary as a hobby and grew into what you see today. I will be glad to help out in any way I can, but also realize if you need to contact someone in reference to benefits or official notifications, this web site is not the place. Thank you for your understanding.


Jul 21, 2015
Just a few more items I didn’t have for yesterday’s update:
Larry sent me some more information about Dave Ginavan, he received an announcement from the family. A memorial service open house will be held August 15, 2015 from 4pm to 7pm, at their home, located at 3376 North Mills Ave, Claremont CA, 91711.

I also received an email from Anna Doell, the daughter of the late Richard Doell. Anna is looking for any information or folks who may know Richard or worked with him in the past. Anna advised; that Richard started with Bendix Radio in the late 1950’s or early 60’s not sure - I know from Iceland - we were stationed in Madrid Spain in early 1960’s - then in 1965 we transferred to the Bermuda Tracking Station - where he was until 1978 or 1979 - then Fairbanks Alaska then Dakar South Africa - before he retired and passed away in 1986. If you have anything for Anna email me and I will get it to her.


Jul 20, 2015
Just received an email from Darlene, she has just about got everything into place. The email has registration, detail and bio forms which I will also put on the web site. If you want the email, contact me at webtek and I will forward it to you. I think I got most everything you might need on the web site, so hopefully that will make things a bit easier. Click here to view.

Darlene also has a Facebook Page for reunions, click here to see.

I do plan on attending one night, so I look forward to meeting a few of folks who are there.

Received news that Dave Ginavan passed away 7/9/2015 in Claremont CA, surrounded by his family.
I received numerous notifications about Dave, he will be missed by many. I will post further information on the obituary site.

June 26, 2015

The reunion is still being finalized, I heard from Darlene and it should not be very long for all the details are in place. Stay Tuned

I got a couple updates on Murray Weingarten and it’s still not good. Murray had another stroke and the last update has him in rehab facility and he is unresponsive and sleeps all the time. Please keep them in your thoughts.

I have received word that several folks have passed away, Richard Phelps, Bernie Martin, Al Ganch, Marty Lucero and Dawn Canty-Saunders. I’ll post the information I have on the obituary page.

I also heard that Jack King has passed away. Jack was the launch commentator for NASA and was the voice many of us heard during those exciting times. For more information click here.

Walt Sokoloski checked in via email after finding the web site and wanted to let me know he has some pictures from his various stations where he was assigned. Walt is going to round some of those pictures up and get them to me. Walt worked at Winkfield, Quito, Santiago, Goddard and Goldstone. Thanks Walt.


May 21, 2015
Just a couple quick updates.
The request I put out for updated emails has been very helpful, and I thank everyone who responded, especially Don Zander, Stan Valeski and Richard Brown.

The emails also promoted a request to put out a call to anyone who may know how to reach Ed Crough. If you have any information please email me and I will pass it on, Stan Valeski, Bill Coulter and others are wondering about him.

I heard from Richard Bartels, who worked in Landham, MD at the “BENDIX” building and passed on a picture of the facility. I posted in the “Photos” section, click here to view.


May 6, 2015
Word in that Claud E. Bird passed away 4/16/2015. Claud’s wife, Vera Jean Bird passed away 3 days earlier on 4/13/2015. Please keep the family in your prayers. I’ll have more information on the obituary page.

I received a request from Greg Flowers who is trying to get back in touch with Chuck & Jeannine Edmonson. I already passed on their email to Greg but so far he has not received any response, if anyone knows how to get a hold of them email me and I’ll forward it to Greg.

I don’t have any more on the reunion yet, Darlene is still getting things planned out and I will post it here as well as on the web page I created for the reunion as soon as I get it.

I also sent out a mass email when Darlene emailed me the notice about the reunion, I got a bunch of rejected email, most for bad email addresses. Please take a look at the following names and see if you’re on it, or if you may know any of these folks. I would like to update my email list and need your help doing it. Please email me with any updates you can provide, Thank You.

Audley, Art

Gruber, Larry

Parrish, Ken

Baker, Elvin

Hailey, Martin

Pickens, Hugh

Baxter, George

Haug, Larry

Rentfrow, Jim

Benson, Clifford

Hill, Keith

Richards, Joe

Bowers, Rick

Inman, Jeannette "Jan"

Ricks, Jerry

Britt, Lewis

Janssen, Deborah

Riehle, Brian

Burns, Bob

Lackey, Montgomery

Roeder, Robert

Campbell, John

Lavoie, Dick

Rutledge, Bob

Citko, Stan

Liptak, Chuck

Schemm, Mary

Correll, Don

Lombard, Win

Shoemaker, Joseph

Dattilo, Bill

Lopez, Al

Simmons, James

Drezek, Erica

MacInnis, Fred

Sinclair, Andrew

Dunsmore, Donald

Millard, Tom

Stefanov, Jim

Estep, Cyril

Miller, Holly

Thorsell, Jane

Everett, John

Miller, Marvin

Thorsell, Ragnar

Fek, Joe

Mlodzianowski, Frank

Topasna, Frank

Fong, Al

Moore, Charles

Weingarten, Murray

Foxton, Kenneth

Morales, Phil

Wells, Bill

Franchek, Rich

Murray, Donald

White, Kenneth

Gabel, Ron

Owen, Robert

Whittington, Carroll

Goins, Don

Page, Ralph

Williams, Wes

Graleski, Ray

Parker, Leonard "Lenny"

Wilson, Christopher


Apr 25, 2015
Great News!! Just got the email from Darlene for the 2015 BFEC Reunion. It will take place October 13th, 14th and 15th in Cocoa Beach, FL. The Radisson will be the location, click here for more information.

Apr 16, 2015
From the Mar 19 post, I heard from Bill Tucker who also got in touch with Chuck Hairrell and contact was made with Fred Thompson’s family. Thank you to all.

I received news that Seaton B. Norman passed away 3/19/2015 at the age of 97. He worked for BFEC for a 2 to 3 year period in the late 1960s and then became a NASA civilian. He retired in 2010 at age 92!

James J. Nolan, Jr., 93, of Mims, FL passed away 4/1/2015.  A native of Mobile, AL, he moved to Florida in 1966 from the Canary Islands. James worked at KSC and retired from Honeywell in 1984.

Vincent J. Comella, 92, of Rockledge, FL, passed away 12/ 12/09 at Rockledge Health and Rehab. He worked for Bendix Field Engineering/Honeywell at Cape Canaveral.

I got an email from Bill Kendall who came across the web site. Bill was with BFEC from April 81 through December 94. Thanks for checking in Bill.

Harley Crain checked in to say hi and asked if there was any new information about the next reunion. I have not got any update yet, last I heard it was tentatively set for fall 2015 in Florida.

I also heard from Terry Scheidt from Kapolei, HI. Terry said that he worked for BFEC at Johnston Island nuclear test site and Kaneohe PMRF. Terry had a few questions about pension plans and the transition from Bendix to Honeywell. If anyone has information or you want to contact Terry email me and I will forward it.

Update on Murray Weingarten via Larry Hare and Vic Eckman. Murray had a bad bleed in his head and he was flown to John Hopkins Hospital from the hospital in Columbia.  He has had brain surgery and is recuperating.  He has a scar from above the left eye to behind the left ear. He can eat but has to be spoon fed by an attendant.  He reacts by raising an eye brow if he hears his daughter call him "Papa" but does not communicate at all.

Follow up from March 19th, John Freeman (Jr) sent some more information on his father, Junius John Freeman, Sr. John Sr worked for Bendix at the Fort Myers Florida tracking station were he was a teletype operator. After NASA combined the manned and satellite space programs and they closed the tracking station he went to work at NASA headquarters in Washington DC for a few years. Later John transferred to Shemya Island Alaska where he worked for about 13 years and then retired. John Sr. had basically two jobs his entire life. He was in the Navy from 1939 to 1959 where he started out a sailor and rose to Chief Petty Officer as a RMC - Radioman Chief. After retiring with 20 years in the Navy he went to work for Bendix Corporation and worked for them for 28 years until he retired at age 65. John Sr. passed away in 2001 at the age of 82.

I got an email from Luis Ludico who had some requests as well as information about the MAD Tracking Station in Fresnedillas. Luis was able to correct one of the names of a subject in a photo, thank you Luis. Luis also mentioned a 40th Anniversary celebration that was done and I found the link for that. Click here, the page is in Spanish, but if you use a common web browser, you probably have an option to translate the page.

Mar 19, 2015
I have got word of two more passings, their obituary information will be on the obits page;

Frederick “Fred” Allen Thompson, 75, passed away on March 11, 2015 in Clear Lake, TX. In addition Barbara and children are looking for Chuck Hairrell and Bill Tucker, if anyone has any information on them email me at webtek and I’ll get it to the family.

George Conrad Farner, 79, passed away February 5, 2015 in Boise ID.

I also got a couple emails from some folks just finding the web site or stopping by for an update.

Walt Worth said he visits the site occasionally and was happy that it was still being updated. Walt provided a little of his own history, working for BFEC at Blossom Point, 1978 to 1982, then joined the Peace Sun Team in St. Charles, Missouri, then Saudi Arabia (Taif, King Fahd Air Force Base) from 1984 - July, 1987, when he returned to Titusville, FL. Walt is currently close to his 27th year at Kennedy Space Center. Walt is looking for Hector Cleaves, if anyone knows where he is or how to contact him email me at webtek and I’ll forward it to Walt.

John Freeman (Jr) sent an email after finding the web site and seeing his father Junius John Freeman Sr., a 28 year veteran of Bendix, on the LOS page. John shared some memories of his father and his career that I will try and post on a future update.

I also received an updated obituary for Tom Miller sent to me by his wife Marlene. I will add it to the obituary page.


Mar 3, 2015
I just received notification from Marlene that her husband Thomas Miller “Tom” passed away. Thomas Miles Miller started working for Bendix Field Engineering on November 6, 1956.  Tom passed away January 1, 2015 of pneumonia and heart disease at the age of 85. I have Marlene’s email if anyone wishes to get in contact with her, email me and I forward it.

I also got a little more information on John Petrosky that I added to the original post. Thanks Robin Dixon for the additional information.


Feb 28, 2015
First off, if you tried to get on the web site last week, you might have noticed that it was down. This was totally due to my oversight of the bill for the web site hosting was due and I forgot to pay it. As you see, that has been taken care of and I apologize for the hick-up.
I have some folks to add to the obituary page, but I don’t have a lot information about their passing’s or obituaries so far.

John Petrosky passed away 2/5/2015 in MD after a brief illness.

Carl Steve Nelson passed away, Sam Bass let me know that Steve was a long term BFEC employee, having worked at the Kennedy Space Center along with many other assignments.

Charles “Chuck” Goodson passed away 2/16/2015 in Barstow CA. I received an update for Chuck; He had been ill for some time. Thelma had to put him into assisted living last fall and seemed to be doing alright until about 3 or 4 days ago when he started going downhill and finally passed away.

I got a nice email from Donald White who ran across the web site and checked in to say thank you. Donald advised that he is a 43 year NASA Space veteran as well as US Army veteran. If anyone wishes to contact Donald email me and I will forward it to him.

Speaking of space veterans, we lost a man this week who through a TV/movie career kept our belief that there is more out there than just the planet earth. Leonard “Spock” Nimoy --Live long and prosper--


Feb 06, 2015
I had a couple things popped in after I did the update yesterday.

Late word that Gene Winn passed away 2/4/2015 after a battle with cancer. I don’t have any further information yet, I’ll pass it on when I get it.

Also Allan Ganch informed that Randy Hendricks was not listed on the “Memorial” page. Allan advised me that Randy was Allan’s best man at his wedding in Quito. Randy worked in the Telemetry Section at Ascension Island and then transferred to Quito in 1975. Randy died in late 1976 or 1977 in Quito due to a car accident. His car hit the back of a disabled truck that was in the road with no lights or any other warning signals. Thanks Allan for the update and I will get Randy on the web site.

I have got a lot of email lately, thanks to all the folks who keep me updated

Feb 05, 2015
First I have a few more folks that have passed away.

Teddy Morrison passed away 1/27/2015 from an apparent heart attack at his property in Baton Rouge, LA.

Tim Bland passed away 1/24/2015 peacefully at his home in Gambrills MD.

William Moorhead 12/21/2014 died in Titusville FL after complications from cancer. I was contacted by Dave Moulton who is the Editor of the newsletter for Goddard Retirees & Alumni Association (GRAA) about the passing of William. I have contact information for Dave if anyone wishes to get in touch.

I will post more information and links on the obituary page.

Cliff Jobes checked in by email. Cliff is looking for Randy Simmons or any contact information for Randy. Randy and Cliff worked together in Quito Ecuador. If you know Randy or how to get in touch with him, email me and I will get it to Cliff.

I heard from Steve Lane who has a question I couldn’t answer. If anyone knows who the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance carrier for Bendix back in 1990, please email me and I can get that to Steve.

Allan Ganch emailed me saying he found the web site and enjoyed the memories. Allan also mentioned that if anyone wants to get in contact with him to email me and I will pass it on. Allan and Gary were co-workers and friends at Quito, thanks for the email Allan.

I Got an email from David Jones who was part of BFEC at Bermuda, Madrid, and the USNS Vanguard. David attached a picture from Madrid Tracking station with himself and Landis Beasley, here is a link to the picture that I will be posting on the Madrid page.


Jan 7, 2015
Happy New Year, hard to believe that it’s 2015.

I have quite a few death notifications to pass on, unfortunately.
I will post the obituary links I have on the obits page.

Stephen Yednock died 12/4/2014 at his home in Seabrook, Md. Stephen was a network controller for BFEC for more than 30 years. He served in the Air Force before joining NASA, where he was posted at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., monitoring space satellites.

James Nissel passed away 1/2/2015 in Ellicott City MD. James enjoyed a successful 40 year career a Field Engineer with BFEC.

William Beaty passed away 12/24/2014 in Lubbock TX. William (Bill) worked at the Alaska tracking station from 1966 to 1987.  He moved to Florida in '87 and left there in 97 to go to work in Columbia.  He left Columbia in 1999 to come back to Alaska and worked at Poker Flat until 2009.  Then they moved to Lubbock, Texas where they have been ever since.

Elmer Vogt passed away 12/31/2014 in the Middleburg, FL area (Jacksonville).   His career with BFEC started in Europe with the RADAR calibration teams.  He spent many years at CYI (Canary Island MSFN).  In 1975 He was at the Newfoundland Tracking station for Apollo-Soyuz.  After that mission was completed he refurbished the transportable ground station and then installed it at Edwards AFB becoming the Buckhorn station supporting ALT and the early STS missions.  The remainder of his career leading an implementation team at several ground stations and GSFC.

Norma Laverty passed away 12/28/2014 in Annapolis MD area, Norma was the wife of John Laverty who passed in 2012.

I had a couple folks check in and say hi or pass some news.

Ernie Hassell sent an email, said he found the web site and wanted to touch base. He also gave me an idea to come up with a guest book or a "check in" page of sorts, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Darlene Fritsche checked in and informed me that she is in the initial stages of getting a reunion planned. The only thing we have so far is October 2015 in Florida. Stayed tuned.

Stan Valeski checked in from Boulder City passing on a Merry Christmas to everyone.

I have email addresses for all these folks, if you wish to make contact with them send me an email at webtek and I will forward it.

Larry Hare let me know that Murray Weingarten’s condition has not improved much, physically ok but no mental response. Please keep the family in your thoughts.

The last item I have is an email from Andy Hensley. I’m not sure if he is real, spam email or if this fella has some hidden motive. Anyway if you know him, please let him know that the BFEC website is what it is and I’m not changing it. Gary built it just the way he wanted too, and I do my best to keep it updated. If Andrew truly wants some kind of change or is un-happy with my efforts , then I suggest he go build his own damn web site.
Here is what Andrew sent me:

“Messed Up”
Whoever is now running the web page, Get it together, give it to someone else or shut it down.

Andrew A. Hensley
Heaquarters Columbia - 1969
Quito Ecuador - 1969 1973
Rosman North Carolina - 1973 1978
Merritt Island Florida - 1978 2011

Dec 18, 2014
Late word tonight that Donald Powell passed away on 12/12/2014 at his home in Rosman NC. I’ll post more in the obituary page with link.

Dec 13, 2014

I have received notification of the passing of several folks. Robert (Bob) Fuzie passed at his home in Hesperia, CA on 11/27/2014.
Thomas Pennell also passed away 11/24/2014 at his home in Pagosa Springs CO after a long battle with cancer.
I will have links to obituaries on the obits pages and both will be added to the memorial page.
Never a good time to lose a loved one, but during the holidays sure makes it tough, rest in peace gentlemen.

Several folks checked in, some to say “hi”, others giving updates and notifications, thanks to Joe Wildman, Glenn Smith, Jim Brophy, Joe Johnson, Walt Natzic, Veronica Bolan, Gene Smith and I’m sure I missed a couple. Thanks to all for passing on the information to keep the site updated.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Dec 02, 2014
I have received word that two folks have passed away, Jerry Francis Barnes and Jerry Ingersoll.
Jerry Barnes worked a short time for BFEC before being drafted into the army. Jerry later went on to a long career as a prosecutor with State Attorney’s Office in Maryland.
Jerry Ingersoll worked for Allied Signal/Bendix after retiring from a long military career. Both will be added to the obituary and memorial pages.


Nov 11, 2014 Happy Veterans Day Thank you to all who have served

I received word from Veronica Bolan that John Melvin Jerscheid passed away 10/25/2014. John was with BFEC at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex. More information on John will be on the obits page.

I also heard from Polly Kessel, the daughter of George Norman Hunter. Polly wanted to let us know she found the web site and that her father would have loved it. George passed away 11/1/2011 and he will be added to the obituary and memory pages. Polly also mentioned to post her email for anyone who wants to reach out to her family. You can reach her at Polly Kessel

I got an email from Martin Wheeler who was in Madagascar. Martin came about the web site and had some questions that I could not answer. Martin said that there is a Yahoo group, primarily French and Malagasy who stay in touch via that form. For anyone interested the site is here. You will need to login to Yahoo.
Martin also inquired if there was any way to contact ex-BFEC folks who were at Imerintsiatosika. If you want to reach Martin, email me at and I will forward it to him.


Oct 08, 2014 Word has been received that John Bennett passed away 10/1/2014 in Carrolton, TX. John was a long time BFEC’er with over 34 years of service on numerous projects. John was a good friend to Gary on the NESEA (SOSUS) project and I remember John as well as Marvin “Nish” Nishizaki and Jim Spaziano all being at our house in Virginia Beach. Rest in peace, we miss all of you.
I also been informed that Edward Joseph Eisele Jr passed away 9/20/2014 in Stoughton WI. Ed had many notable jobs during his life, including 20 years as director at Alaska STADAN Station.
I will posts links to their respective obituaries on the obits page and the will be added to the memory page.

Sep 28, 2014 Word from Dennis Hayward via Neale Luttrell that Charlie Horner passed away on 9/13/2014. Charlie worked at BFEC Headquarters in Columbia. Charlie was buried in Baltimore 9/16/2014.
Also got an update on Murray Weingarten via Clive who spoke with Shirley and she told me there is no change with respect to Murray's condition.  She said that he is wheeled outside for fresh air.   He sits well, but is unable to talk. Still has 24/7 care.

Sep 12, 2014 My apologies for the extended delay in updating, summertime is a very busy time for me. I have quite a few updates to follow;
I have been notified that Aaron C. Dutton passed on 8/25/2014, thank you Teresa (wife) for letting us know. Teresa also wanted to pass along that she would like to hear from anyone who worked with Aaron at Guam or Spain. Contact me at webtek and I’ll pass it on to Teresa.
George M. “Buck” Buckingham 8/4/2014 has also passed away, thanks Larry for the information. I also received obituaries for Edgar “Ed” Richards and Dorothy “Dottie” Kemp.
I will post everything on the obituary and memorial pages.

I received an email from AJ Heath with a link to a video he created about the Project Mercury/Missile Tracking station on Grand Bahamas. Very well done AJ, thank you for sharing.

Jack Stoner from Inverness FL checked in after finding the BFEC web site. Jack worked telemetry and UHF com at Ascension Islands and later at Goddard during Apollo missions. Jack also let me know of another BFEC’er , Joe Wildman who also resides in the FL Nature Coast area (my neighborhood). Jack also mentioned he plays in a country western band in the west central FL area including the Villages.

Joseph Cantrell checked in and provided some pictures from the Ascension Islands. I was able to add a another page to the Ascension photos, click here to view. If you want to check the page out later, it's at #5.

I received a request from Michelle Bridges who is looking for Hubert “Bert” Greene. Bert was known to be at Seychelles until late 1973, then Guam and maybe Goddard. The article written by Gary at the end of the BFEC Seychelles page may help those who need to more information. If you know Bert, send me an email at webtek and I will get it to Michelle.

July 22, 2014 I learned today that the email account for was hacked. Good news I got it resolved and all is back in order, but if you have received a rejected email from webtek, that was why.
I heard again from Cheryl Cross, Donald Cross daughter. Cheryl sent me an official obit for Donald and I will update the page to reflect that. Also Cheryl would like to hear from anyone who worked with Donald, so if you have some memories you would like to share with the family please email Cheryl at Cheryl also inquired about reunions, so if anyone has any updated info let us know. I’m not aware of anything being put together yet.

I also heard from Robert Burgess (Bob), who built the website about Bermudians at NASA Tracking Stations. Bob sent this to me a few weeks ago and is trying to make contact with the some folks who can possibly help him with his endeavor.
“Recently, some of my former Bendix work mates and I approached key persons at the National Museum of Bermuda with the possibility of setting up a display that would capture the contributing role Bermuda played in space exploration, especially during the Apollo moon landings. The Museum is at an ideal location where tourist and locals alike frequent. We believe we have something positive here as the response to this request has been most favorable and encouraging. My purpose for sending you this email is to find out if you know anyone we could approach from NASA or Bendix who would be helpful in taking this initiative to the next level.”
Any information that you can provide would be most appreciated and welcomed. Please contact Bob at the following: Robert P. Burgess
e-mail or Phone 441-236-3712

I have been informed that Dottie Kemp, the widow of Ray Kemp the BFEC Security Chief of many years, passed away. I have no further details at this time.

July 12, 2014 Actually the update finally posted July 17, 2014, I’m still looking into why there was such a delay. I have received word that several folks have passed away. Ann Stamey was the wife of JC Stamey, another long time BFEC’er. Thank you Steve Ramey for the notification. Don Cross passed away peacefully of a heart attack in his sleep at home near Atlanta, Ga. on July 11, 2014. Thank you, Cheryl Cross-Toby (daughter) for the information. Clarence Hoynes passed away 6/29/2014, Clarence had been battling cancer that had spread into his lungs. Thank you Joe Johnson for letting us know. I will get everyone on the obituary and memory pages.
I also received updated memorial information for Clyde Cox and Chet Shaddeau, I will link it from the obituary page for those interested.
While on that subject, if you have additional information on folks who have passed, or have links to the funeral homes, obits, etc., email that to me and I can link it from the website.

Larry updated Murray Weingarden’s status, he still in a wheel chair, under 24/7 care and unresponsive to conversation. Please keep Murray and his family in your thoughts.

I got a nice email from Dan Kovalchik who wanted me to post information on his new book. Dan said it was the “sequel” to his book “Range Rats at Sea”. Here is the web site for additional information or you can head to Amazon to purchase the new book, “The Devil’s Ashpit & other Tales of Ascension Island

June 22, 2014 - Word has been received that the following folks have passed away; Chet Shaddeau, Napoleon Lacey and Kenneth Sanderson this month and late notifications about Milton Holstein and David Rechenbach. Please see the obits page for more detail and all will be posted on the memorial page. Rest in peace.
I have also heard from Dick Farrow and Ed Briggs, thanks for checking in.
Word also in about several folks who have fallen ill and we are hopeful for a speedy recovery. Please keep Murray Weingarten and Clarence Hoyens in your thoughts

June 5, 2014 - May was a quiet month, thankfully I did not receive any passing away notifications. I did hear from Amaya Davis who is looking for anyone who knew or worked with Allan Davis. Allan may have worked in the Canary Islands, Madagascar and Antigua and during the time frames of Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and Skylab missions. If anyone can help please email me at Webtek and I will forward it to Amaya.
I received this from some aerospace contacts I have, it’s home movie of some folks who toured the Kennedy Space Center in the early 70’s, I thought it might be of intrest. KSC Home Video

May 07, 2014 - I have been in contact with several folks since the last update, thank you for checking in. Joe Cantrell emailed me and advised that Gary Tomperi passed away in Waldorf, MD in October 1998, he has been added to the Obit/memory page. Thanks for the info Joe, as well as your BFEC history, I thinking I might add a page that I can post some of these bios I have received.

Jerry Ricks also sent a nice email with his BFEC history and time working with my dad in Quito. Jerry is currently enjoying his retirement traveling the States with his wife in a RV. Jerry asked if I might have any contact information for Dan Umberger, I dont, but if someone does send me an email and I will pass it on to Jerry.

April 22, 2014 - I have been notified that John Cornwell, F.Joseph Svec and Clyde Cox have passed away. I also recieved an email that Lee Brown passed away many years ago and all will be added to the obits/memorial page.

April 4 to 16, 2014 - Larry Elder Hare has been emailing me with several reports about Vic Exkman. Vic had heart surgery and was very critical for a period of time. Good News, he has been upgraded and as of 4/16/2014 been discharged from the hospital and is now in a rehabilitation facility doing much better. Best to Vic and his wife Eleanor.

April 9, 2014 - Lawrence Dillard is looking for any information and/or acquiantences in reference to his father Sidney Paul Dillard. If you remember Sidney, please contact me and I will forward it to Lawrence.

April 2, 2014
I received an email from Philip Clark (Australia) who is listed in the BFEC history pages about Australia . Philip said he has completed a book about Orroral Valley Space Station, click for more.

March 27, 2014
Word has been received that there are two more names to be added to the obituaries and memory pages, rest in peace.
John Lawerence Williams, 74, of Thurmont, Maryland passed away on February 24, 2014.
Jack Melton Hall, passes away on November 14, 2010 in Clermont, Florida.

March 21, 2014
Chesapeake Region Retiree Group
- Information forwarded from Daniel Wyczalek

Our group in Maryland is now going to be meeting only twice a year. April and October and for the first time, we are making a change in the place to hold our luncheons. We have been checking around and have come up with a Catering Service, Superior Catering by M&M, who is now doing some 6 retiree company groups and is willing to take us on with good food and a reasonable price.
Since this year, we have been checking places, we are late in getting started so instead of April, we will begin on May 7th at the UAW Hall located at 1010 Oldham Street in East Baltimore. We do hope that everyone will be pleased with our selection and will attend regularly so we can continue these luncheons. Anyone in the area interested in coming, contact me at 410-256-8381. (

March 10, 2014
I received an anouncement from Peter Nicoll for a reunion for the folks from SOSUS/IUSS that will take place on 20-SEP-2014 in Norfolk VA. The IUSS site is here. The BFEC page for SOSUS/IUSS is here.
Peter also added that their is a facebook link for IUSS as well, click here.

March 09, 2014
Sorry for the delay in updating, I really went back to square one and been trying to make updating and maintaining the web site easier. Unfortunately due to the original structure, I cannot adapt the site into a newer web editor such as Adobes Dreamweaver. So to make a long story short, I will be manually editing the code to word, "slow".
I have received several more obituaries and I will get those done shortly. I have added a link to the left, "Scott's Web Site" where I will move forward with a new site that will be a mix of Gary's stuff he was working on and my own.
As I indicated before, I want to leave Gary's original web pages alone, but I'm going to put in a link soon to a new BFEC page for easier updating, everything else will remain.

February 15, 2014
I have received more updates that are eight more folks to add to the obituary/memory page. As indicated before, I’m working on getting some more information put on about those who have passed. Once again I pass on my condolences to the families and friends, rest in peace.

February 07, 2014
I added seven folks to the obituary/memory page. Once I am able to do regular updates to the web site,
I will attempt to put in full obituaries and hopefully links to the respective funeral homes and other information.

January 30, 2014
Good afternoon for those who are checking in. I have been plugging away at the web site, but before I go much further I wanted to convey my intentions. I want to leave the web site just as Gary had it, as memorial to my father and to the work he did. I want to add a new page to continue with some other things he would have been interested in and by all means any input from the folks who use this site. Stay tuned for new page.  I will continue to update the NEWS section and do my best with the LOS for those who have passed.
Please send me any news, info, obituaries, or events that may be coming up to pass on.
Email to or


June 30, 2013

It's with great sadness and a heavy heart that I report the death of my father Gary Schulz.
Gary passed on February 10th, 2013 after complications from surgery to correct blocked arteries in his groin and legs.
I apologize for the extended delay in getting this information out to all the folks who visit this page on
a regular basis. I sure you would understand that getting to his web page was not the initial priority.
With that, if you knew Gary or anything about him, you would also know that he was a computer expert, and getting into to his computers and deeper into his web pages has been a long process. Gary had no love for Windows, Microsoft or anything with Bill Gates name on it, thus he created a hybrid that was a combination of several operating systems. This created an enormous challenge for me to try and unravel in order to even do an update to his web pages.
I will keep this short, please be patient with the web page, I want to try and take control of it and make
updates as soon as possible.

The email address(s);
are still good, but I don’t access them every day, if you need to contact me directly use

Thank you,

the Obituary page

[Image]  , 9398 byte(s).
I have received the above video produced from an old black & white film from Brian Larwood who is with the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum in Carnarvon Western Australia and he is seeking information on the film from anyone who has worked at the tracking stations mentioned in the video which are KSC, Canary Islands, Guaymas, Mexico; Bermuda, Alaska, Kano, Nigeria and Johannesburg.

You can read the message that I received from Brian HERE.

If you have any information contact Brian at <> or me at <>
Contact: For inquries etc.

Scott Schulz <>